Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Ears

I had the best intentions of keeping up the blog after Halloween. But almost ever since then, we have been dealing with ear issues and things have been a little light in the sleep department around here. While I can usually string together a semi-coherent post when tired, my old laptop doesn't allow for much photo editing and uploading without locking up several times. I usually give up halfway through and go to sleep.

Anyways. Ears. At Eleanor's 9 month appointment there was a little fluid in both ears. Perfectly normal for this time of year. That fluid became an infection during her baptism weekend in mid-November. The fluid never had a chance to go away before we had another infection. And then another one, this time with the bonus of a blister on her eardrum. It was very painful for her and she was up all night screaming. It was the night before Christmas Eve. My mom was here and we were all at a loss as to what to do. Even the ear numbing drops didn't work.

Yes! Ear numbing drops! I think they might be new since Charlie, though he never really had ear infections. But for normal infections, they are so wonderful. They numb the entire ear canal and have been the bridge between us and a few hours sleep on several occasions.

It took two rounds of antibiotics to mostly clear that last infection up. At her one year appointment there was still fluid of the not-clear variety and the doctor said he would probably see us within a week. He was right! She got another infection this week.

Fun fact: our pediatrician said she has both the face shape (longer, narrow) and high palette that make her susceptible to ear infections. For some reason that I'm sure makes perfect sense among the population that has slept this week, those features contribute to infections.

All of these antibiotics, sleepless nights, pain for her - I think we've reached our breaking point. I scheduled an appointment with a pediatric ENT for Monday. We know him; he actually lived two doors down from us for several years and Charlie goes to preschool with his son. And I am going to beg, if necessary, for some tubes for this poor little girl. Get her a few months of relief.
From what I've been told and have read, getting the tubes is a 10 minute procedure under light anesthesia. It takes me longer than that to drive her to the dang pediatrician to get her ears looked at every other week. Sounds like a bargain!

After watching her in pain so many times in a condensed period, not to mention several rounds of antibiotics, some of which are very hard on her tummy, I think this is the best things for her. Hurray for modern medicine and flexible plastic! Cross your fingers for us Monday. 

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Lindsay said...

Poor baby! I must find these ear numbing drops! Are they OTC or prescription? I'm about to bed for adult tubes.

One thing I have tried that feels delightful is a drop or two of homeopathic silver. S66uper cold feels great in ouchy ears.