Friday, November 8, 2013


It was Eleanor's first Halloween! Which she almost didn't have a costume for because both kids were sick the week beforehand and I was almost too tired to remember I had this old duck costume in the attic left over from Charlie's first Halloween. I think she made a lovely duck, don't you? With the little duck head snapped on, she and Charlie look identical. 

Charlie decided he wanted to be a red ninja a few weeks ago, after giving serious consideration to Jango Fett, Luke Skywalker and "white ninja".  I got excited at the prospect of Luke Skywalker, as Eleanor could go as Leia and I thought I could hunt down a Darth Vader mask for Brad. Alas. Maybe next year.

I found an online karate supply store that had some karate/tae kwon do/ninja type costumes and was really pleased with the quality when it arrived. Nice heavy material and strong stitching. Since Charlie will wear this costume for at least another year, it needs to wash well! Poor Batman costume from last year didn't survive the Spring. 

The costume you see above also came with a hood, which we omitted because it seriously took the whole look to an uncomfortable level of KKK resemblance. Clearly not what we were going for and very glad we moved on from white ninja!  I'm not sure why the company includes the hood - looks much more ninja without it.

We kicked off Halloween a week prior, when our preschool had their Pumpkins and Pasta dinner, where the kids get to break in their costumes. Charlie was just getting over the croup but still coughing some. Fortunately, the mask shielded others from germs.
Charlie had a great time with his friends, barely ate anything and just ran around being a ninja with an assortment of ninja turtles and civil servants. By that night he had a fever again and was sick for 3 more days. Ugh. 

We made it out by Sunday (even though Eleanor was still sick) to the University of Richmond's Halloween carnival and Charlie had a great time. He didn't feel like painting pumpkins when there were bouncy castles and s'mores to make, but Brad did and the result was the pumpkin version of Wilson the volleyball:
Am I right?

We all recovered by Halloween and Charlie had his class parade and party that morning. He forgot his mask for the parade, but stayed in character the entire time. He is so method.
This cutie watched the parade with me. She squealed when she saw Charlie.
I had my usual amnesia about what a pain it is to keep an excited child entertained all afternoon until it's time to trick or treat. When will I learn and have some kind of activity planned? It was a long afternoon. Note to future Kara: PLAN SOMETHING.

I had to wake Eleanor up from a mega-nap to get ready for pictures and our neighborhood potluck. We have it each year before trick or treating and it's really fun. LOTS of kids.
Our neighborhood is so fun on Halloween. A lot of homes now decorate and set up tables in their front yards for distributing candy. We make some roadies and walk around with the kids and socialize. It's a blast. Usually there's a bonfire in the cul de sac, but it was 70-ish and we were all sweating instead.

Brad made it home from his work trip in time to scarf down what was left of the potluck and get started on trick or treating. After Eleanor decided she was quite done with all of it, I took her home and passed out candy while Brad took Charlie trick or treating with friends. My helper:
It must have been a long, tiring day for Charlie because he announced to Brad that he was done trick or treating and ready to go home. Last year we had to drag him kicking and screaming back home. He was happy to pick some treats, camp out on the sofa with The Great Pumpkin and pass out candy to the last of the trick or treaters.

Also unlike last year, he has not insisted on going trick or treating every night of the week following Halloween. Our Charlie is growing up! He is now asking about how long until his birthday because he really just wants to turn 5.

Anyways, it was a very Happy Halloween for Ninja Charlie and Duckie Eleanor! HIIIIYAH!

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