Saturday, November 2, 2013

Cape Cod

My mom turned 60 this year and to celebrate, my sisters and I planned a trip for us to have a girls' weekend in Cape Cod. None of us had ever been so it was an adventure for us all.

In addition to my mom's birthday, we had Meredith's engagement and Megan's pregnancy to celebrate! The morning sickness gods granted Megan a pass for the weekend so she fortunately felt well enough to enjoy the yummy food they have up on the Massachusetts coast.

We rented a cottage in the town of Chatham, which is about as picturesque and perfect as a little town can be. There was a "downtown" area with shops and restaurants and we could walk to several beaches.

Saturday was my mom's special day and we started it off by walking to the beach and then hitting up the one bridal shop in town for Meredith to try on gowns. We didn't really expect to find anything, but there was one dress that we all got excited about. In the end she has selected something different to wear on the big day, but it was exciting to have an actual contender!

After the bridal shop, we had lunch and then hit the shops and had a nap and relaxed for a while. I had not felt that relaxed in a long while. Even flying to get there was relaxing. On a plane with no children and the latest Vanity Fair. Bliss.

That night we went to the Chatham Bars Inn, which has a beautiful view of the sea. We sat on the front porch and had drinks and a snack. We also watched this massive wedding going on down at the beach club. A shop owner had told us earlier in the day that the wedding party had 17 groomsmen. Can you imagine?

We had yummy seafood and wine at the Impudent Oyster, which is the can't-miss restaurant in town. By the time I flew home I was actually sick of seafood. Here we are at the Inn, Meredith shivering, per usual:
View from the Inn:
Beautiful, perfect Chatham:
Monomoy refuge:
View from the Pier and a little friend:
I think we would all go back in a heartbeat. It was about a 2 hour drive, with traffic, from Boston Logan. You can also fly into Providence and it's further mileage-wise, but less traffic. 

Meanwhile, the kids were back at home with Brad, who went to visit Art and Sue in Williamsburg. Well, first he loaded up both kids and made it to soccer in time for team pictures. That had me impressed.

This little pumpkin liked the swings with her Daddy. I could not tell you where her shoes are! And Charlie only suffered injuries not requiring emergency room visits. Success!

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