Friday, November 8, 2013

10 Months of Eleanor

Admission: I never wrote a post for 9 months of Eleanor. I can't even find the slip of paper from her 9 month appointment that has her height, weight and percentiles. I remember she was almost 18 pounds and 90th percentile for height. Poor second child, the number of blog posts detailing your life is quite small.

I remember thinking about what I was going to write at the 9 month mark and couldn't think of a ton to write so I'll just mush it all into one. I came back from Cape Cod and she had just turned 9 months and she was crawling up on her hands and knees. She also pulled up for the first time, on the fireplace hearth. And then promptly looked like she had no idea what to do from there. 

There was also a lot of eating, still some getting up at night and the beginning of getting into everything. So far she is not as persistent about it all as Charlie - he would open cabinet doors and really put a lot of effort into Search and Destroy. She is curious, as babies are, but takes a closed door as a sign to move on, not a challenge to overcome. 

I can cover the past two months in saying she loves her brother so much. She is always watching him and reaching for him. We will walk up the stairs with him right ahead of us and she is lunging to grab his hair or smack him - anything to get his attention. I started putting her in the bath tub with him last month and they have a blast playing together. He makes her laugh and it, in turn, makes my heart melt.

Eleanor now notices music and will start bouncing up and down to the tune. It's like a reflex! She'll hear a little blip of something on the tv or Charlie and I will sing a song and she stops whatever she is doing and breaks it down. Like it's her job. It's really cute. 

She's making some sounds out of her babbling - the mamamamama and dadadadada. I can tell she wants to call Charlie something but can't quite figure out what. It will be neat to see what baby nickname he gets. Today, at just past 10 months old, she looked up when I walked in the room and said mama. I about died. 

She's also just learned to clap for things and it is beyond adorable. She'll just start clapping and I suddenly remember why it's sad when the baby phase is over. Sure, you're sleeping more, but there's no adorably clumsy clapping of the chubby hands.

Eleanor got sick again this past month. Charlie had a virus and then she got sick, though not majorly like he did. She does not have Brad's asthma lungs like Charlie, so it was a minor virus. With some very major diaper rash. Not fun.

Her top two center teeth broke through around the same time, so I'm not sure if some of the fever and congestion (or even diaper rash) were due to those. They are such cute little teeth. I see some white in the surrounding gums, so I think more are coming. Man I hate teething.

I just realized some time in the past couple of months that she has completely stopped spitting up. Maybe it the last time was actually a while ago - I'm not sure. The stains are there, but we have moved past that particular phase.

I'm starting to have way too much fun dressing her. We have reached the end of the line on most of the baby gifts and hand me downs, so I am frequently on a quest to find her cute outfits. It is about the most fun thing ever. I love finding things I myself would love to wear. Jeggings, cute shoes, cardigans, tunics - it is so fun. Because she is so long, she is in 18 month clothing right now. I would like her to just stay this size for a little while so we can enjoy the clothes!

She loves to eat table food and will eat just about anything. I can't tell you how many frustrating dinners I go through where Charlie will turn down just about anything. Eleanor, on the other hand, will eat it all. She especially loves meat. And cheese - even very pungent cheese! I attribute this to her first few months in utero taking place in a country that has truly exceptional cheese. 

We took Charlie and Eleanor to Chipotle last weekend and I don't think two children in the world could have enjoyed dinner as much as they did. Charlie kept taking bites and saying "This is the BEST food!" and Eleanor ate a bunch of my carnitas, rice, beans and guacamole. It's neat to go somewhere and just eat what they're serving. So easy!

She is taking two naps a day, usually a shorter one in the morning and a longer one in the afternoon. I try to schedule them right after we drop Charlie off at preschool in the morning and again after we pick him up. She seems to sleep best when she has both naps. Overtired has never been good for Eleanor.

That's all I can think of. In a few weeks she will be 11 months and then her first birthday will be upon us. I can't believe it. It really does go by in a blink.

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