Friday, October 11, 2013


We spent the last week of summer on a beach vacation with our very good friends, the Mahons. We were celebrating Mike's 40th birthday and hoping for some relaxation despite the large number of small children around. The beach house came with a 4 year old, a 3 year old, and 3 babies. 

Given those numbers, we weren't sure what it was going to be like. But it turned out to be pretty relaxing! The boys played beautifully together, fighting was limited and the babies didn't sleep any worse than they did at home. I think that can be considered a successful vacation.

The house was right on the beach and sunrise was stunning each morning. Unfortunately, we were usually up to see it. Now that we've stayed beachfront, I'm not sure I can ever go back! I am so spoiled! It was just so easy to go back and forth to the beach and not feel like you had to commit to being there for a long time. I have commitment issues with the beach. 
Took these with my iPhone. Can you believe??

The first weekend was Labor Day weekend and Lakshmy's sisters joined us with a husband, baby and fiance in tow. It was so fun having a packed house; it felt like a party all the time. Charlie got to see the infamous "Charlie bit my finger" You Tube video and also watched some Bollywood. He found both to be fascinating! 

Sandbridge is near Virginia beach and therefore near the Naval Air station where pilots are trained. All day long you can see and hear fighter jets flying over. This was of course very exciting for our two little boys. 

Because Mike works for the government and is former military, he was able to take Brad and the boys on the naval base to see the planes. They got to see some take off and land and see the hanger where technicians were working on the jets. Cameras were not allowed, so they just had a few shots from outside the base. It sounded so exciting! The girls stayed back home but we were sad to miss it! It was definitely a highlight of the trip.
We drove over to Virginia beach one night to walk on the boardwalk and have dinner. We checked out the places online first because we really wanted some oysters. We found the perfect place, got a table, sat down, ordered some oysters and waaaah waaaahhh no oysters. They don't serve them anymore. Such a bummer.
Strollers. The Ultimate Hip Dad accessory.
But we were sitting outside with a beach view and were even closer to the jets flying over. Like, you could not talk when they were nearby because it was so loud. If I was staying in those hotels, it would get so old. But the boys were captivated throughout dinner and that made it awesome. 
Begrudgingly cooperative
We walked over to a carnival type place after dinner and let the boys ride some rides and play games. Fortunately, we were the only people there or we would have spent a fortune getting the boys stuffed animal prizes. They each left with 3. 

The rest of the time we played on the beach and relaxed at the house, enjoying the beautiful views. And there was wine. Lots and lots of wine. Many episodes of Paw Patrol. Some kite flying. We found a closer restaurant on our last night and finally got our oyster fix. 
An example of lots of wine.

Virginia Beach also has the Virginia Aquarium, which Lakshmy and I wanted to see but could not interest anyone else in. We are really counting on the girls being interested in aquariums. 
Sahana says I don't think so

Overall, it was a wonderful beach trip, even with all the children our beach house came equipped with. I had beach withdrawal the entire following week. Sign of a good trip, when you're that sad it's over. 

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