Friday, October 11, 2013

Junior Kindergarten

Charlie started Junior Kindergarten oh.... a month ago. Since one of his goals in life is to Go to Kindergarten, Junior Kindergarten is acceptable for the time being. But we talk almost daily about starting Kindergarten.

They have so many older kids at his preschool this year that there are two JK's and a pre-kindergarten. They had to shift around some teachers. The pre-kindergarten is for kids who will probably be held back due to summer birthdays.

Both teaching teams for the JK class are wonderful. One team has been doing JK for many years and the others are the same teachers Charlie had last year, who we all loved. He ended up with last year's teachers and a few kids from his class last year.

We got an overview of what the class will be doing this year on the first day of school (meet the teachers) and it all sounded really fun and definitely well thought out. It's a nice combination of being outside playing and exploring their nature trail and inside doing projects. They have earthworms as class pets.

So far Charlie seems excited to go to school and loves telling me what he did all day. He is going 5 days a week. In the spring they increase the school day until 2 (I think?) to get them prepared for a full day of kindergarten.

Until then he is doing some of the after school programs like soccer and tennis. He loves staying for lunch and an activity - it makes him feel very grown up. I think that's a carryover from his London nursery, where the big kids stayed for lunch. Charlie was always quite jealous.

Brad delayed his flight out to stay for the morning and check out Charlie's new classrooms. Eleanor stayed with the sitter for a morning nap so we could focus on Charlie and make it his big day. And it marked the first day of my denial that my baby is starting Kindergarten next fall.

Oh and please excuse the dead plants in these photos. We were at the beach the week before school started and they all died!

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