Friday, October 11, 2013

Charlie's First Soccer Team

Charlie is on his very first official soccer team this fall. He is playing with the Richmond Kickers. He's done some soccer classes before, but these are actual practices and games.

Not having ever played soccer, I had no idea what to expect. But he's 4 so I thought, how serious can it be? Quite serious as it turns out!

We showed up at the first game in the uniform we bought from the team and some regular sneakers. Because what I didn't realize is that 4 year old soccer requires cleats and shin guards. And each player needs their very own size 3 ball. I didn't even know the sizes of the balls before that day.

Brad used to play soccer and I could tell he was quickly realizing he should be managing the soccer team aspect of our family from now on. One would think the team organizers would send out an email with this information, but no. So we were totally unprepared for game 1. Mommy fail!

Don't worry, I got it all together before the first practice the following Wednesday. We got a bright green ball of his choosing, some cleats and I even bought him extra socks. He actually already had shin guards that we got him just for fun one time.

The games are as you would expect - like herding cats. They had to combine the Under 5 and Under 6 groups so sometimes we are playing teams where the kids have had a year of coaching already and are much, much better. It's kind of annoying.

Overall, I haven't been thrilled with the Richmond Kickers. I don't think we will play with them again. It's been disorganized from the start and we didn't even get coaches assigned until 2 days before the first game. Those coaches, who are in high school and play in the Kicker's older age groups, didn't even show up for our last game. Brad and one of the moms who used to play soccer coached. I sat there and wondered what all the money we paid was going towards.

Even though we haven't loved the league, Charlie loves playing "real" soccer. It is all he wants to do these days. He would wear his cleats everywhere if I let him. He gets mad at me when it's time to go home from practice. Unless it's hot - that kid hates playing in the heat!

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