Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Back at Blogging. I hope.

I have been having problems blogging because of my hard drive. It was too small and had too little free space due to all the photos, videos, TV shows and annoying, space greedy children's games. I tried to free some up with an external hard drive, but got to the point where if I moved anything else, it would be hard to access and use the computer.

So I bit the bullet, bought a new hard drive and the folks at Apple helped me set it up. I even got a free operating system upgrade. It was just in the nick of time. My hard drive failed about an hour before my appointment. I had everything backed up, so no biggie.

I hope now that I don't have to spend blogging time trying to move files off my computer so I can download photos I can catch up on the blog. I think I recorded Charlie's every breath and poor Eleanor is barely going to be able to tell she was alive.

I hope the new hard drive solves my problems. I'm still seeing things running slowly and locking up. If this entire computer fails, blogging will come to an abrupt stop. *fingers crossed*

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