Wednesday, October 9, 2013

8 Months of Eleanor

I'll be honest, the last two months are kind of blending together, so I'm going to separate as well as I can remember. It was August. I was suffering from summer burnout. 

I do vividly remember we had sleep troubles throughout the month. She was still getting up in the night about half the time, sometimes more. I was a zombie a lot of the month, shuttling kids to this and that and then so relieved when bed time arrived. The week before we went on our beach trip she was up every night at 4 and I had no idea what vacation was going to be like. Then she slept beautifully there!

Army crawling started and Eleanor pulled herself all around the house. This felt earlier than it had been with Charlie but I went back and checked and it wasn't. I forgot how dirty their clothes get from scooching around the floors you haven't had time to sweep or mop. 

Probably the most surprising thing she did in her eighth month was completely reject pureed food. She would spit it out, turn her head, buzz her lips. She wanted what Charlie was having, so I started giving her more table food. Pretty soon that was all she wanted. And she will feed it to herself, thank you very much. If Charlie gets a snack in the car, she wants some and will be so loud until she gets it! 

She wants to feed herself the bottle, as well. I typically put her in her sling chair and she will bounce in that, eat and watch whatever Charlie is doing. Sometimes joining him is more important than eating. 

At night we have started a horrible habit. She takes her final bottle in the crib. I'm not even sure how it started, but she loves it and it's going to be AWFUL to break her of it eventually. A sleep crutch. What was I thinking?? And then I sit there and scratch my head and wonder why she's up in the middle of the night. She's used to sucking on something to soothe herself to sleep. Foot, consider yourself shot. 

She is not a particularly snuggly baby, though she does enjoy being walked around to view her kingdom from a higher vantage point. She does not like being held or rocked very much. She gets quite squirmy and the whole thing can get frustrating quickly.

She spent the entire month teething, with very little progress. I had definitely blocked out how frustrating teething is. It just seems to go on forever! 

Napping is all over the place, as it has been all summer. She's had to nap on the go quite a bit so that Charlie can have a life outside the house. Hoping we can have something of a schedule once school starts, though Mommy likes to have a life outside the house too!

Eleanor is a very happy baby and healthy, as well. Brad points this out whenever I start worrying about this or that and he is very right. Funny, though, he doesn't bring it up when she is up at 4am on the weekends and he gets up with her! But we are so blessed. She really has completed our family.

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