Thursday, August 29, 2013

7 Months of Eleanor

At this point Eleanor is 8 months old, but I took the photos on time. These awful iPhone photos when I should really go hunt down my actual camera and get decent photos. I remember I used to do these long photo sessions with Charlie each month and now I can't even fathom how to find time to do that. Sorry 2nd child. In my defense, I'm really tired. 

Each month I think her sleeping is going to get easier and each month she proves me wrong and continues to be challenging. It's always for a different reason it feels like, but we never have more than a few nights where she sleeps through the night.

I think she got in a bad habit while we were in Dallas of wanting to get up and eat in the middle of the night. This is not a desire I have much sympathy for at 6 months of age. Especially for one who has springboarded into the 90th percentile for height and 75th for weight.

I mean sure, I wake up in the middle of the night and I feel hungry... that doesn't mean I get up and order a pizza. I go back to sleep and wait until breakfast. And now so does Eleanor. It took a couple of nights of a half bottle and then no bottle and finally she got the idea.

Now I'm not sure why she wakes up but sometimes oragel helps.

She's quickly progressed from not thinking food was a good idea, to trying lots of things to preferring table foods to purees. She likes to pick things up and feed herself - maybe because she sees Charlie doing it?

She loves rice and beans, bread, pasta, pieces of veggie burger - things like that. Brad hadn't seen her do that and tried to stop me saying wait! she doesn't have teeth! Silly Daddy. Eleanor does not need teeth for food.

I'm still avoiding dairy until we get her tested at the end of the year. She's still on Alimentum. I tried some soy formula and she was up all night with an upset tummy, even though I just gave her a little. That wasn't worth it, so we will just spring for the good stuff.

She's wobbly but sitting up. And she loves being on her tummy and looking like she would love to crawl. If Charlie is anywhere in the vicinity, she is trying to get to him.

I'd say the most enjoyable thing about her getting older is watching her interact with Charlie. She smiles as soon as she sees him and laughs her head off at everything he does. I have a mirror in the backseat so I can see what she's doing in her carseat and I love to see her giggling at Charlie being goofy.

He is her favorite person. And he is so sweet and gentle with her. She pulls his hair or grabs his nose and he just laughs and laughs. He always wants to know where she is and has recently asked to feed her baby food. It makes my heart swell and want to burst.

I cleaned out her closet and drawers and she sure didn't wear a lot of those clothes for very long.  It was kind of sad but not nearly as much so as with Charlie. I don't know if that I just realize how much fun stuff is ahead of us or that she's being a fairly challenging baby, but I don't mourn her growing older as much. I do wonder if one day I will.

For now, just getting through my day, I look forward to things like her holding her own bottle (she does somewhat) or sitting up in the grocery cart (not very well) or feeding herself (a little) - and most of all just sleeping!

In all her huge-ness she's squeezing into a 9 month outfit and comfortable in a 12 month one. Her Hanna Andersson size 70 pajamas (9 to 18 months) are just fitting and on their way out. I went shopping for her and decided I could not safely buy her any fall clothes. I have to wait until, you know, fall.

So that's her at 7 months. Good eater, mediocre sleeper, aspiring crawler.

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