Monday, July 29, 2013

Allergy Testing

Charlie and I took Eleanor to get her allergy testing done last week. I entertained Eleanor and Charlie played Angry Birds and continually asked for different snacks, most of which contain peanuts, in the allergist's office. Oh Charlie.

Most the appointment was talking about her different reactions since birth to various things and the hives - where they were, how long they lasted and things like that. He also thought her almost constant congestion since birth could be related and even her respiratory infection/pneumonia the week before.

The doctor suggest we do a skin test to determine if she was allergic to any of the 5 most common environmental and food allergies. I can't remember all of the environmental, but dogs, cats and dust mites were included. Brad is allergic to those so they caught my attention.

The food tests were milk, soy, peanuts, eggs and wheat (?)  I think. Neither Brad nor I have food allergies. Charlie has never been allergic to anything.

The back prick wasn't painful and they demonstrated on my hand. They said Eleanor might cry but she didn't. I was holding her and she was very calm. Then came the hard part. I had to continue holding her for 15 minutes while not touching her back. I think my right arm muscles are still twitching.

After the 15 minutes were up the doctor came back in and said by looking at her back that all the tests were negative. I felt relieved and frustrated at the same time. Awesome that she has no allergies, but what the heck is causing the hives?

He said it is still possible she's allergic to milk, since that's what she's reacted to in the past. At 1 year we go back and she will drink a little bit of milk at a time and see if anything happens. If not, perhaps she's outgrown it. Until then we can try soy since there was no allergic reaction to that.

We were given an epi pen junior to keep, just in case, since she has had allergic reactions in the past. I am doubtful we would ever need it, just given how mild her reactions have been so far. I hope we never have to use it. It does not look like a fun thing to have to administer.

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