Friday, June 21, 2013

Five Months of Eleanor

I feel like all I blog are these monthly updates. Poor Eleanor, Charlie is going to have so many more blog entry memories than she will. And being a boy, he probably won't even care!

I guess I am still adjusting to have two kids and Brad is back to traveling for work again. By the time they are both in bed I am usually too tired to think in complete sentences. I have so many projects to work on and things I'm overdue on. And no energy left. So, sorry future Eleanor, for the lack of blogging on your life. Cheer up, I didn't do Instagram with Charlie!

I feel like this month was when we hit our stride with her. She has something of a schedule, we can take her places and so life feels normal. She's sleeping through the night most of the time and while I wouldn't characterize myself as "rested" I am no longer exhausted and begging for mercy.

Eleanor gets up bright and early - 5:30 some mornings, 6 or 6:30 most mornings. Sometimes those early mornings hurt, since I'm usually up too long at night trying to enjoy my small window of peace and quiet after bed time. But in the grand scheme of sleeping babies, we are fortunate and she is a fairly good sleeper.

We've had some nights when she's been up here and there with either a 4 month sleep regression or teething? Maybe? After it happened a few nights in a row I thought hey! Let's try some cereal!

Since Charlie pretty much came out of the womb ready for solid food, it did not occur to me that maybe she wouldn't eat it. And she didn't! I even tried adding a little apple sauce to the rice cereal to see if that would make it more appealing, but she still made a face like I was feeding her dirt.

She will nurse about once a day, which is what keeps me going. I must be a rejection junkie because guess how many feedings that leaves where I offer and she rejects in favor of boob shaped plastic?? Yeah, a lot. But that topic is a dead horse on this blog.

For the part of her diet I can't pump or nurse, she is still on Alimentum. The pediatrician suggested we try another formula (read: less expensive) at the 6 month mark to see if she has grown out of her milk protein allergy. I hope she has. I would love to switch to an organic formula.

She has really started reacting to Charlie and smiling and trying to interact with him. It is so cute how much she watches him. She reaches for him and he giggles and talks to her and it's about the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

She has perfected rolling over from back to front..and screaming in anger when she gets stuck there. There have been a couple of early mornings where she has screamed bloody murder at 5am and I've raced down the hall to find her on her tummy. Just red in the face and MAD! Obviously we have not perfected rolling over from front to back.

Overall we are really enjoying her and she feels like such an easy baby. I hate to compare since they are already such different personalities, but it is just such a foreign concept to me to be able to set a baby down and have them be content. Not scream through every diaper change. Things like that! I still watch her nervously, waiting for the flip to switch like it always did with Charlie.

This age is definitely when the fun parts outnumber the hard parts. At least for the Spooner babies. It's good to finally be here.

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