Sunday, June 2, 2013


Charlie talking to Dusan

A few weeks ago, right before Mother's Day, Charlie's imaginary friend showed up. I was there when he was created and his name - Dusan - pulled from who knows where. I'm not even sure I'm spelling it correctly. That's the thing about imaginary friends - they stink at explaining things like how their names are spelled. It's pronounced Doo-sin.

The day Dusan joined us, Charlie had the onerous task of playing by himself or just with me. We didn't have plans with any friends that day. Oh the horrors. Any day that doesn't include at least one friend to play with is a massive failure, not worth repeating.

I suppose Dusan has arrived to alleviate the pain of those days. Though he did come to a play date last week and Charlie pushed him on the swing. I guess Dusan enjoys socializing. And swinging.

I've asked Charlie some questions about Dusan and have found out that he's 5 and goes to Charlie's preschool in the JK class. He has blond hair. And he's Spanish. We never made it to Spain while we were living in England so I'm not sure why Dusan is Spanish. And his name is Slavic. But... whatever.

There have been a few instances when Charlie has gotten very upset that we have either left Dusan behind or locked him in the car. Upset to the point of tears. It was really surprising. I actually thought originally that Dusan was created so Charlie could talk me into giving him two desserts. But he's real.

Dusan isn't a constant presence. Or at least, he isn't discussed constantly. I don't bring him up, I let Charlie do that. One minute we are ordering lunch and the next I'm hearing about Dusan's favorite foods. Then I might not hear about him for a couple of days. It kind of goes like that.

I did a little google research on imaginary friends and what they mean but some of the links freaked me out so I stopped. I'm just going to go with Dusan being the result of a very active imagination. Kind of like the wooden toy dog Charlie tied to the end of his bed and named Truckle.

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

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