Sunday, May 12, 2013

Best Mother's Day

It has already been the best Mother's Day before it even got here. You know what is really neat? When your child understands Mother's Day finally. Charlie understands now, because of his teachers at school, and it has made this year so special.

We had a Mother's Day tea on Thursday at Charlie's school and it just about made my heart burst. Charlie took my hand and showed me to my seat. He had made little cucumber sandwiches and iced cookies. I had a gift - a sweet heart shaped pendent for a necklace with his thumbprint on it.

Charlie had painted a picture of me and the teachers interviewed him to write what he loved about me. Here is what he said:

She is good at Super Here Chutes and Ladders even when sometimes you have to go back to the beginning. I love her because she is the best Mommy.

I mean. Could you die??

There was also a very sweet card with a drawing of us on the front and his hand prints inside. The invitations to the tea also had artwork on them. I have to find some way to save it all. FOREVER!

The kids all sang a song and I wish I could have gotten a picture with Charlie, but he was feeling shy and didn't want to pose. What can you do? I let him take my picture with my new necklace, though, and here is how it turned out:
Dodging the camera:
Singing with his class:

It was all very sweet and I felt so proud of him and lucky to be his mom. I definitely need to find his teachers some very nice wine for an end of the year gift!!

This morning, Brad has taken both kids to pick up Starbucks so I could have some lazy time. It's such a treat - mornings are always so hectic. He took them yesterday too for a while so I could go to my pilates class and have some down time. I wasn't sure what to do with myself without my two extra appendages. We're going to go get some yummy brunch at Toast here in a little while.

Hope all you moms out there have a fantastic Mother's Day! Especially my mom, who we are so excited to see in a few weeks! We love you!!

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