Monday, March 11, 2013

Eleanor's Two Month Check Up

I scheduled Charlie's 4 year and Eleanor's 2 month appointments on the same day. Then I realized that was crazy and convinced Brad to go with me. The appointment was a little crazy, but not as bad as I expected. Charlie is still the wild card and he ended up doing ok.

Since Eleanor had just been sick the week before and had a fever most of the week, we held off on vaccinations until this week. She has to get so many it just seemed unwise to give them to her when she wasn't 100%. The doctor thought it was silly to wait, but that's the beauty of the second kid - you no longer care what other people think.

Everything looked good and she is chugging along in the weight gain department. No huge gains - she is slow and steady. Emphasis on slow. She remains in the same percentile for height and weight, which is all our practice really looks for. She's just not an aggressive eater like Charlie was.

The doctor told us the two biggest threats to her safety right now are her rolling over for the first time unexpectedly and her very helpful big brother. So don't leave her unattended on a sofa or bed where she could roll off and watch Charlie carefully around her.

I didn't tell the doctor this but I have already learned both these lessons. Charlie taught me the roll over one when he fell off the bed once as a baby. We are hopeful he will still be good at math.

And then there was the time I left Eleanor in the swing in the den and was in the kitchen making Charlie lunch. All of the sudden I heard him say from about 3 feet behind me, "Look Mommy, I'm holding Eleanor!" Yeah. Instant heart attack.

I figure you don't have to tell your doctor everything.

Anyways, here are the stats (for the two of you who care) -

Weight: 10 pounds, 8 ounces (25th)
Height: 23 inches (50-75th)
Head: 15 3/8 inches (50th)

Her next appointment is at 4 months of age. I am sure we will be there for some reason or another before then. She'll get the same vaccinations at 4 and 6 months. Hopefully we can skip the fever next time.

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