Monday, March 11, 2013

Charlie's Four Year Check Up

I never know what to expect from Charlie at the doctor. Most times he is awful to take. He screamed the entire time at the dentist and she was barely able to count his teeth. No teeth cleaning was allowed. But when I took him in for his flu shot a few months ago he was perfect and so brave. It's a crap shoot.

That's why I'm glad Brad was able to come with us to the appointment - in case enthusiastically demonic Charlie arrived and refused to cooperate on anything. Fortunately the appointment went mostly well.

We got his height and weight and they gave him a vision test, which he took about as seriously as a 4 year old. He hesitated when the nurse said to undress but thought it was funny he would be naked like Eleanor, who had just been weighed. When the doctor knocked on the door, Charlie yelled "I'm naked!" as loud as he could. In case anyone wasn't sure.

The only painful moment was when he freaked, as usual, when the doctor wanted to look in his ears. He has had too many bad experiences with nurses at that practice trying to clean them out. Promising it wouldn't hurt and then it hurts. He trusts no one with his ears. So we had to pin him down for the doctor to get a quick look and he screamed like crazy.

After throwing that giant fit, he got dressed and the doctor began Eleanor's check up. Charlie was kind enough to tell Eleanor to be brave. You know, like him. Not really.

He had to get two vaccinations, polio and chicken pox. He'll get the remaining two before he starts kindergarten next year.

Stats -

Weight: 35 pounds (50th)
Height: 40 3/4 inches (50-75th)

His next appointment will be after he turns five. FIVE! 

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