Monday, February 4, 2013

One Month of Eleanor

I think these monthly updates for Eleanor are going to have to be written on the fly. I am on a short break from darling baby girl, who is just as screamy as her brother was (*** this was written before we found out she had reflux). Maybe more so. I guess we just make demanding, screamy children. Brad tells her she is very much like her name, London: exciting but difficult. 

Eleanor is like Charlie was as a baby in so many ways. They look so much alike, especially their eyes. She appears to have been blessed with Brad's eyelashes - she has a few, and they are very long. Charlie had dark hair when he was born that turned blond. Hers seems to be doing the same. 

Like her brother she hates being swaddled. Major bummer there. She hates her infant car seat, I think it makes her gassy hurt. She strongly dislikes taking a bath. Or being put down. EVER. 

I remember going back to work at 16 weeks after Charlie was born and it feeling so odd not to be holding him all the time. I mean, it was ALL. THE. TIME. In fact, I have already strained the same muscle in my right shoulder that I did after Charlie was born. 

I try not to think about how much easier this all would be if she would nap somewhere else. Because boy would it be. I wouldn't feel nearly as overwhelmed. 

I bought a carrier to use around the house and when we go out so I can be hands free to wrangle Charlie. She acts all kinds of ticked off when I first put her in, but then she falls asleep very quickly and doesn't wake up until I take her out. It hurts my back after a while, though. Stupid scoliosis. 

As far as differences between she and Charlie... well, there aren't many so far. She's slightly less demanding. And she seems more sensitive. Like her little feelings get hurt sometimes and she has a specific cry for that. She has really big feet and very long fingers - he didn't have those. 

Even though I have all the food, Brad appears to be her favorite person. She will calm down for him and fall asleep in his arms in no time. They take naps together and you will never find her more content then that. This is very odd for me, as Charlie was all about me, all of the time. I'm the mom, I carried her, I should be the favorite! But alas. 

Likewise, she has Brad wrapped around her finger. He doesn't worry in the least about holding her all night or spoiling her in any way. He refers to himself as The Holder Person. He's in charge of holding her. In fact, that's what he's doing right now, which is how I'm able to type. 

She's a good little eater, though not as ravenous as Charlie, who could never get enough. In fact, sometimes she is kind of a lazy eater. The first couple of weeks home from the hospital she didn't gain any weight, despite me having a good supply of milk. We've worked on that, though and she seems to be doing fine. 

As far as sleeping, we are not on any kind of schedule yet, but she never really had her days and nights mixed up. For that I am eternally grateful. She will start sleeping heavily in the evening and wake up - or stay up! - to eat every 2 to 3 hours. Seems to be 10 or 11pm, 1:30/2am and 5/6am most nights. It's the 2am to 5am period that she is very challenging to get back to sleep. Brad usually takes that first feeding so I go to bed early and get up for the 2am one. 

She is usually pretty awake at 5 or 6am and just kind of dozes off and on and squirms while I hold her until Charlie gets up around 7. Then she falls into a nice deep sleep for a morning nap! That's probably what kills me the most - those early mornings just wear me out. And is part of what is so challenging of having a newborn and another child. 

We had some luck with her sleeping in her Rock and Play sleeper, but now she gets really mad if she gets put in there and wants to get up really quickly. She wants to sleep with one of us. We transitioned Charlie around 5 weeks to his crib and are trying with her but she is having none of it. 

Eleanor hasn't really acquired many nicknames yet, though I'm sure she will. Since Charlie was The Munch, she is The Munchette. Occasionally Charlie calls her Ellie. We'll see what sticks as time goes by. 

We have her one month appointment on February 4. It has to be at least one month from the first visit after coming home from the hospital because of the spacing of the shots. I'm anxious to see what she weighs since she was slow in the beginning to gain weight. 

Well, that's life right now with our one month old! As I've typed this out I have realized how many other posts I need to write. More to come!

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