Monday, February 4, 2013

Eleanor's One Month Appointment

This morning was Eleanor's one month appointment and it felt like an important one. We just started the reflux meds on Friday and this appointment doubled as a follow up for that. With as much as she spit up over the weekend, I was very worried she had not gained any more weight.

Turns out I am a bad judge of how much food she is getting and keeping down. Even though she's been soaking her clothes with what looks like straight milk, she gained 3 ounces since Friday. Excellent work E!

The doctor was also kind enough to take the time to average out her weight gain since coming home from the hospital. They like to see the newborns gaining 1/2 to 1 ounce per day. She averages out at around 3/4, so she's doing well. HUGE relief for me - I was having visions of having to supplement like we did with Charlie.

I talked to the doctor about all the spit up, too and he said there will be plenty of spit up with Zantac - she should just be more comfortable. And she really seems to be. The screaming fits of last week are over for the most part. When she gets fussy while nursing I usually realize we are overdue to give her the next dose.

We talked about her sleeping and wanting to be held throughout the night. He suggested giving swaddling another try now that the reflux was medicated. And, of course, to elevate her head. Other than that, it's probably just an age thing. Fourth trimester and all that.

He suggested she would be uncomfortable during tummy time, being on her stomach with reflux, so to only do it when she's in a good mood. Sounds like a great way to get her in a bad mood! But she will not be a tummy sleeper like her brother it sounds like. At least until she grows out of the reflux. He has, after all, slept on his back most of his childhood after starting off on his tummy.

Here are the stats:

Height: 22 inches (75th)
Weight: 8lbs, 10oz (25th)
Head circumference: I can't remember. 25th% so not really noteworthy.

Next appointment is March 7 - the same day and time as Charlie's 4 year appointment. That might turn out to be a huge strategic mistake on my part. I'm going to need to pack a flask for it; it is going to be so stressful. Lots of shots for both of them. Charlie in particular will probably cause me to age 5 years when he realizes he is getting shots. Hopefully I can find a nice nurse to hold my second baby while I hold my first baby. How can he be 4?? Oh well, that's another post.

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