Monday, January 21, 2013

Eleanor's Nursery

I have always wanted to decorate a little girl's nursery. As soon as I found out we were having a girl, I had a nursery inspiration board on Pinterest. 

Pink on the walls was a no brainer as I was going full-out girl. Nothing gender neutral about this room. I wanted a sophisticated pink, though - not too bright or pepto. I chose Wild Astir by Benjamin Moore after much design blog research. 

Just like the yellow I painted Charlie's room, it looked totally different than the paint chip - almost lavender. It freaked me out a little. I guess with the position in the house and the lighting, it's kind of a wonky room to paint. 

Since I was decorating two rooms when we got back from London - Charlie's big boy room as well - I really had to watch the budget. I reused the crib (obviously), changing table, dresser. shelves and table lamp. I bought a new rug, chair, floor lamp, fabric for curtains, bedding and artwork.

I wanted to do neutrals, ivory/white and pinks. This fabric from Williams & Sherrill was the inspiration: 
My MIL, Sue, sewed the curtains and they are the same pattern as the whale curtains in Charlie's nursery. I just love that pattern so much. She did a beautiful job on them. She just opened an Etsy shop if you want to check it out! TwoLadybugsCo is the shop name. 
Since I spent a whopping $30 at TJ Maxx on Charlie's crib bedding, I splurged a little this time. Linen bedskirt and sheets from Carousel Designs. I also bought the changing pad cover from them. The fabric is so nice - heavy, quality linen. And you can buy fabric by the yard if you want to make anything yourself to coordinate. 
I got the idea for the alphabet cards above the crib from Pinterest. I bought the cards at the Tate Modern in London for Charlie's room, but they didn't really fit anywhere in there. I used twine and plain nails to hang them. Great, inexpensive way to fill up a big wall space. The whole thing was under $30. 
The rug is a carpet remnant from my favorite flooring warehouse in Richmond, Canterbury. I found out when we removed the stained, beat up rug from Charlie's nursery that this room is extremely loud with nothing on the floor! Not a desirable quality in a nursery! 

The chair took me forever to decide on. We cheaped out on the chair for Charlie's room and it was so beat up. And yellow. It would have cost more to reupholster it than we spent on it. Nursery gliders are so expensive - it's like the furniture manufacturers mark everything with "nursery" in the title up 50%. And custom upholstered chairs are around $1000. Eek.

Finally, on a whim, I found a reasonably priced chair I liked at Haverty's. I also had a coupon they sent in the mail. The chair was covered, as is typical for that store, in a very dark brocade. However, for an additional $40, I could pick my own fabric from their catalog, which had a few lighter colors, and in 8 weeks, it would be done. 

So I found an ivory fabric that looked like linen and it turned out really well. The saleswoman tried to talk me into scotchguarding it, but I declined. Just thinking of the fumes from scotchguard floating around the nursery made me very nervous. 
The quilt on the chair was sent to us by Brad's company. It's handmade and has Eleanor's name and birth date embroidered on it. I was floored when we opened it - it is so lovely! 

The zebra photo above the changing table is from Sharon Montrose's Animal Print Shop. Those photos are getting so popular and trendy that it may be the one thing in the nursery I end up regretting. I feel like the zebra needs a friend, though, so I might order the giraffe to hang out with him. The zebra lives in one of my favorite white frames from Target. 
The floor lamp is also from Target and was a steal. It's a nice, heavy, wooden lacquered lamp. Love me some Target! I found the linen shade on the table lamp on the dresser there too. 

So that's the nursery! I'd like to find a little table to go next to the chair and a CD player/clock to go on the dresser. Eleanor isn't sleeping in her nursery yet, so I have a few more weeks before she moves in. Charlie is very perplexed she isn't sleeping in her room! We got it all ready and she sleeps in Mommy and Daddy's room! Charlie moved in around 6 weeks and she probably will too. They are both very noisy sleepers!

I have to hang curtains in Charlie's room and get the artwork from etsy above the beds and I will post pics of that room too. It will not be as nice and neat as the nursery, that's for sure!!


Lindsay said...

It is beautiful and peaceful! Thanks for the reveal after months of just seeing your pinterest boards. =)

Caitlin said...

Beautiful! Would love to see your Pinterest boards. I am in the process of planning our nursery and even though we are "team green", a lot of the elements you went with are ones we are using/planning on using!