Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Big Brother Charlie

** Part of the reason I have not been blogging as much is that I've run out of space! Blogger won't let me upload any more photos, so I have to bite the bullet and buy some storage. Some boring, photo-free posts until then.....

Charlie is going to be a big brother in about 3 weeks. A lot of people have been asking if he's ready or how does he feel about it.... and I'm not sure. He acts happy about the baby coming and loves to talk about how he will help and what he will do when she gets here. When he puts on a shirt or pants that are too small, he hands them to me with instructions to give them to the baby. He also tells me she's going to be a very good girl.

Now will it be like that when she actually gets here? I'm not sure. He's pretty comfy in his position as the Center of the World, so some jealously wouldn't surprise me. I just haven't seen anything like that just yet. It's all fun and games until someone gives birth.

We went to Build a Bear a couple of weeks ago and Charlie made a bear to take to the hospital to give to his little sister. The one he picked for her looks like a tie-dye bear. It's actually really kind of ugly, but he was very pleased with it!

Eleanor is bringing Charlie a gift as well. Someone at preschool brought Transformers for show and tell and the teacher told me Charlie absolutely loved them. Being a girl raised with two sisters, Transformers had never really occurred to me. Fortunately, they have occurred to Eleanor, who will be armed and ready to make a good first impression on her big brother!

We also went to a sibling class at the hospital, which Charlie mostly enjoyed. There was a classroom portion, which he found kind of boring as it required Sitting Still and Being Quiet. The next part of the class was a tour of the nursery and post partum hospital rooms and Charlie thought that was pretty neat.

We saw some tiny new babies (behind glass) and she showed them how the hospital beds moved when you pushed buttons. I would have been ok if Charlie didn't learn about the moving beds. I foresee that being kind of risky!

We're going to have lots of family visiting around Christmas to keep Charlie busy while I'm in the hospital. Brad will be home for a few week, which Charlie will love. And preschool will start back up in early January. He *loves* his preschool. That routine will be helpful in keeping things more normal for him.

We are in the process of getting Charlie comfortable with the babysitter that I've found to come help me out in the late afternoons/evenings while Brad travels. Charlie seems to like her. I like that she's willing to cook dinner for him if needed and help with the laundry! I had been pretty anxious about juggling two while Brad traveled, so knowing I have help coming each day is big relief.

So that's kind of how he's doing. I guess you can really only prepare them so much. We've read books, talked about it a lot, watched some stuff on TV, done the class.... and now I'm just hoping he adjusts ok.

It will be hard to see it if he is sad or feeling like he's not getting enough time or attention. While this pregnancy has flown by and I'm anxious for it to be over and her to get here.... I'm relishing these last few days of just the two of us. That part is very bittersweet for me.

If anyone is still reading this blog I barely update and has any tips on making the transition, I would appreciate them!


Meredith said...

Charlie is a loving little guy with awesome parents, so I think he's a step ahead of the game! I mean, the kid adjusted to living in another country right? You can do it!

Lindsay said...

Don't buy blogger storage. Get a flickr account and link the pics. If you run out of flickr space, get a second account. If I understand it correctly, Blogger/Google has terrible photo policies. Flickr is better.

Lindsay said...

And now a real comment. It will all work out, I promise. I had major guilt re my oldest right before youngest was born, but now I can't imagine him not loving is little brother.

Oldest was going through a Daddy phase at the time, so that helped me. Preschool and sitters are WORTH EVERY PENNY. Accept help from all sources. Give yourself lots of grace over *everything else.* We did the presents, too, and it seemed successful.

Oh, and I had big plans to not be holding the baby when James first came into my hospital room. Of course, I had no control, and I was actually nursing when it happened. Oh well. He didn't seem to care.

Kirsti said...

How funny, last weekend blogger also told me I had used up all my storage....and I haven't even been blogging long. I was kind of miffed by it and haven't done anything about it and now am way behind. But I still don't know what to do. I might try your friend's idea above.

On a different note, I think you're a great mom, and jealousy is to be expected, but I think you'll handle it as it comes. Just like anything else, there will be good & bad days, but just remember to soak it all in. Those baby days go way to fast. I can't wait to see pictures of your sweet girl!

Anonymous said...

Beau brought finn a bunch of imaginext toys. To this day he still talks about how beau gave him those toys. I kept waiting for him to ask how beau was able to buy him those things considering he can't walk or talk but it hasn't seemed to occur to him yet.

It is different with two but I think you will find it us easier to settle into than you expect. You are already an expert mom.

Amy L said...

I remember tucking Claire in one night a few weeks before Will was born, choking back tears because I knew her world was going to be rocked. She has loved her little brother from Day One, and now I can see that he has been such a gift for her. Going from one to two is a huge transition, and you will wonder why you ever thought having just one was so difficult. It gets easier every month, though. Charlie will be a great big brother, and you will figure out your new family dynamic.

Ditto Lindsay - school and sitters are worth it, and don't be afraid to ask/accept for help, especially in the first few months.

We also did presents, and it worked out well.

Another ditto of Lindsay - go with Flickr. A Pro account is really cheap and is unlimited space. Photo quality is better, too.

Amy L said...

One other thought - my kids are entertaining each other right now as I sit on the couch watching them and writing comments on other people's blogs, so you have that to look forward to. ;)