Friday, December 21, 2012

37 Week Doctor Appointment

Boy did this one feel like a downer after last week's excitement. I kind of got my hopes up after the last appointment that baby girl would be here early. I should know my uterus (and offspring) better than that! I just got to thinking how neat it would be to have her early and be able to spend time at home with my family when they visit, instead of being stuck in the hospital.

But alas, it does not appear meant to be. I had cramping and contractions at the end of last week. The contractions were actually painful and somewhat regular for a short time last Thursday. And then... nothing. I felt annoyingly fine.

Apparently things around the house have been hearing me say that I wish my water would break and have attempted to help out. First the Keurig and then the washing machine broke. Both had to be replaced. Then on Sunday we noticed water coming out of the meter in the front yard and there's a big leak from the water main. Broken water everywhere! Just not the kind I was hoping for.

My appointment this week was on Wednesday and nothing had changed from the previous week. Same dilation and effacement. I'm 38 weeks today and there's really nothing notable going on in the general pregnancy arena. I still have a tiny behind stuck in my rib cage.

So it would appear that next Friday, December 28, will be our big day to meet our little girl. That's what I'm hoping at this point, despite all the disappointment, because I want to enjoy Charlie's Christmas. I still feel annoyingly fine, so I think I'm safe.

Anticlimactic, huh?

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