Tuesday, December 11, 2012

36 Week Doctor Appointment

I ran around like a crazy person today trying to get ready for Christmas and almost missed my doctor appointment. Since my only experience with pregnancy was with Charlie, where nothing exciting ever happened progression-wise, I just kind of take for granted that these routine visits will be boringly routine.

I did have my last ultrasound scheduled as well, so you'd think I'd be more excited. I'm just so preoccupied with the holidays and my mile-long to-do list that I didn't even feel excited until we were waiting to be called back. And when I say "we" I mean Charlie and me. Brad is working and couldn't come.

It's been tough to see the baby clearly throughout the pregnancy because of the anterior placenta and how she is positioned. We've gotten a few good shots, but nothing compared to what we had with Charlie. So maybe knowing the visuals were going to be limited affected my enthusiasm too.

Anyways, during the ultrasound I found out that she has a bunch of hair (!!!), is head down and that really is her behind pressing up against my ribcage. Her weight estimate, which I put almost no stock in, was 6 lbs, 11oz. Seems like those are frequently wrong, but that would put her around Charlie's birth weight (8lbs) at her due date, so it could be right.

She is still really tall. Or long. Whatever you call it when they're still in utero. A tall baby in a short-waisted woman. Discuss.

Actually don't discuss, I'll tell you: ouch. Uncomfortable. No room! I now look at long waisted pregnant women with envy.

Baby girl's hand was across her face, so there was no way to get a good face shot. She was moving her little lips in a sucking motion like Charlie always did. He came out ready to eat, so she might too! It's so cute on the screen - they look like little guppies.

The ultrasound techs felt bad about the lack of pictures since it was my last ultrasound, so they took a photo of her foot. That's all I got: some hair, a face with an arm across it and a foot.

I had my doctor's appointment after the ultrasound, so I got to see my all-time favorite doctor, Dr. D. Is it weird to feel sad these appointments are coming to an end? They are always so fun. Anyways, she did a check and I am 1cm dilated and 70% effaced. Baby girls' head is really low and all positioned to make her exit.

To hear I was dilated and effaced was actually pretty exciting for no other reason than I never, ever dilated or anything with Charlie. Ten hours of pitocin couldn't yield that result with him. So I had this very foreign feeling of actually being capable of all this birthing business. That probably sounds strange.

After Dr. D told me this news, we discussed what to do if something major happens and she wanted to know when the baby daddy was done with work travel. He'll be home in 2 days until after we have the baby. He's been instructed to have his phone on and ringer on high just in case something major happens before then. But really, I'm not much of a dilator - what could happen? Fortunately I have several friends close by who have offered to help in a bind.

So there you go - progress! Actually pregnancy progress. What a concept. My next appointment is next Thursday, so we'll see how things are looking then. I'll keep you posted!

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Chelsea said...

Congrats! What an update! Don’t forget to take a breather. ; ) You must really be excited! Best wishes to your appointment tomorrow!

Chelsea Leis