Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Clothing Wars

The above photo, while cute, is of a child wearing seasonably inappropriate clothing. You probably can't see the children playing at the park behind Charlie, but they are in jeans and jackets. We are having MAJOR battles over here about wearing shorts and t shirts on chilly days. So much so that today I am packing up all short sleeve shirts, soccer uniforms and shorts until the spring.

I can live with the fact that Charlie only wants to wear athletic looking clothing. I even bought him 3 pairs of the "training pants" that he loves so much last week. I've gone ahead and mourned that I can no longer dress him in cute outfits. I'm over it.

But when he's going through the dirty clothes to find the SAME short sleeve t-shirt and shorts he wore 3 days in a row, that is covered in the residue of about 5 different meals and it is presently 48 degrees out, I have to draw the line. Do they make laundry baskets with locks on them?

I finally managed to throw out the too-short training pants that had a hole in them. And the too-small pumas Charlie christened his "Chelsea shoes" that he found and has decided are the most awesome shoes ever, even though he wouldn't touch them for a month after we bought them. We don't move on easily around here. His "Spiderman shoes" are looking pretty tired, but I honestly don't have the energy to try and make him move on from those.

This is the outfit Charlie fished out of the dirty clothes this morning (the photo is from a couple of weeks ago) and it is COLD today. Another standoff for us before he can go outside to play!

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