Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oh Sandy

Greetings from Central Virginia! Where we close school for some rain. After a terrifying weekend of being told this storm was going to hit us hard, you'd better prepare, this thing is going to be worse than Hurricane Irene..... nada. For two days.

They've cancelled school the day before by 4pm the past two days and with that kind of certainty I keep expecting something to happen. Like maybe a stiff breeze? I even checked the raindrops to see if there was something special and toxic about them. But they were just boring old raindrops.

Don't get me wrong - I am VERY relieved we didn't get hit. I just don't understand why we keep insisting around here that It's Coming. Brace yourselves. Businesses were all closed by 3 yesterday for something awful to happen last night.

Apart from dropping and breaking my favorite hurricane from Crate & Barrel, nothing awful happened. It's nice to have power. I love power! We lost it for a week after Irene and I thought that was what we were in for this time. Fortunately not. 

My sister Meredith is in her apartment in Brooklyn with Lucas and a girlfriend who got evacuated from lower Manhattan. They so far have power and wine and netflix movies. The wind has been pretty crazy there but their neighborhood hasn't seen any flooding. They are supposed to take the train down this weekend to visit and I HOPE Amtrak is back on schedule by Friday. We are dying to see them!

Brad flew out as normal yesterday morning. Flights to New York, Boston and Philly were all cancelled, but he wasn't going there. He comes back tomorrow in time to trick or treat and that flight should be fine, too.

Today I will practice the art of entertaining a 3 year old who doesn't nap inside all day. Assuming nothing happens, maybe we will leave and try to find a not-too-crowded indoor place to play. I can't be the only parent thinking this, so the crowded part is probably just a dream. We have reached the "caged animal" portion of this weather system.

I'm sure we'll also bake something. Charlie and I love to bake when it rains. And we have a TON of apples left. If anyone wants to come over and play with Charlie so I can concentrate on it, I'll bake you an apple pie! Promise!

If you are reading this from an area actually hit by the storm, please be safe and I hope you keep power. If not, come to my house! We have baked goods!

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