Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Touch a Truck

We took Charlie to the Junior League's Touch a Truck event last weekend. Just like last year, it was a huge hit with Charlie. I think he may have been even more excited than last year because he was a bit older.

Don't even ask me what he's wearing. It was a fairly warm day but with a cool breeze, so I had picked out pants and a t-shirt for him to wear. I was so naive to think I had a vote in his outfit! He found the sweatshirt that he wore last year (now a bit small), the one with the excavator on the front and paired it with some lovely matching shorts and socks with a double decker bus on them. I told him I thought he may be too hot and he made a point of telling me several times during the morning that he was not hot. Mommy, I not hot. 
Last year I took Charlie to the event by myself since Brad had just left for London. This year he was able to come with us! He seemed to have a great time talking at length to both the firemen and the helicopter pilot. In fact, Charlie and I had to move on to another exhibit because Brad spent so much time talking to the pilot. When I went by to tell him we'd be at the Fun Bus, the pilot was just opening up some hatch at the front of the plane to show Brad something. So glad both my kids enjoyed Touch a Truck! 

Charlie and his friend Ben had a great time pretending to be helicopter pilots. This picture kills me because they look so grown up!! Especially compared to last year. Little boys instead of our babies. Sniff. 
I tried to get a few photos with Charlie, but he wouldn't really cooperate. Here's the 24 week bump standing in front of a cement mixer while Charlie pouts about having to take a photos: 
It was neat seeing Charlie get so excited about so many of the trucks and machines. He knew the names of just about everything. I couldn't have picked most of them out of a lineup before I had a son. 
After checking out the non-truck exhibits of bouncy castles and games, it was clear Charlie was fading. While the food options last year left something to be desired, this year there were food trucks everywhere. We promised him an ice cream to get him out of there (Spiderman ice cream, natch) and hightailed it to the car. 

I wish I could have hit up the taco truck or panini truck. My pregnant nose was causing my pregnant stomach to die a little in desire. Richmond is having a food truck "thing" going on lately, but that's fodder for another post. 

Anyways, it was a successful Touch a Truck day! 

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