Friday, September 14, 2012

Oh Yeah, I'm Pregnant

I already feel kind of bad for this baby. She is getting seriously shorted on blog airtime. With Charlie I posted about every single aspect of my pregnancy. Ad nauseum. This time around is more like a highlight reel.

Several times during this pregnancy, I have actually forgotten I was pregnant. We have had a lot going on lately. And trying to keep up with Charlie can be quite distracting. He's been getting some Dennis the Menace comparisons lately. He's sweet as can be and means well, but is so curious that he is always getting into trouble! I don't know where he gets some of his ideas. It can be a full time job trying to anticipate them.

Anyways, focusing back on this poor baby who gets so little attention - it is just so different from last time when I was so consumed with being pregnant every single day. This time I'm mainly just focused on it when I could really use a nice strong cocktail! Then I think to myself oh yeah. You're pregnant. Put down that tequila.

As if my body has a vested interest in making sure I don't forget I'm pregnant, my back pain from being pregnant with Charlie has flared up nice and early this go round. It's mainly along one rib - the one that popped around 36 weeks with Charlie and earned him the nickname "Baby Cullen" at work.

It hurts so bad! I got a prenatal massage yesterday and the therapist said it felt like it was popped out some. I'm seeing a chiropractor, but I'm not sure what all he can really do about it. My best friend is my heating pad. Overall, I'm feeling like this bod was not made for birthin' babies. Definitely not at 36.

My other near-constant reminder I am pregnant - the heartburn - all gone! Prevacid is a wonder drug. I love it. No longer getting heartburn from a glass of water. Why didn't I take it last time??

So I found out today from my doctor I have an anterior placenta. Why was I at the doctor you ask? Because I hadn't really felt any kicks for about 24 hours and I freaked out. I've tried so hard to be more chill and zen this pregnancy, but there I was, bugging the triage nurse and running in for an unscheduled visit. So much for my experienced mom "I Got This" approach.

Charlie never left me wondering what was going on in there - there was constant movement. My little Karate Kid. This little girl is a bit more calm. And because of the placenta, it's like she's kicking through a pillow (Dr. D's description), so it's much more subtle.  Dr. D suggested I rent a doppler for peace of mind in case it happens again. I told her I thought those were just for paranoid moms. Oh. Yeah. Guilty.

On a more fun topic - we are making nice progress on Charlie's big boy room. As soon as I can get him moved over to it, I can get started on the nursery. I need to figure out what outstanding baby items we need for her and start looking for those as well. Some things we borrowed the first go round so there will still be fun things to shop for and pick out!

Between that and a busy fall of activities and Christmas shopping, I think I just need to embrace the fact that I will feel under-prepared by the time she arrives. That's kind of been my way of life since having a child, though!

So that's kind of an update here at the 24 week mark. 16 weeks to go, which is unbelievable. It's kind of flying by.

Dr. D asked me today what fruit or vegetable equivalent the baby currently was (I always knew with Charlie).... and I had no idea. Sad. Don't worry little girl, Ringo can relate when you get here. We have about 300 pictures of Zoe as a puppy and about 5 of him. You guys can be kindred spirits.


Kirsti said...

I had an anterior placenta, too, and didn't feel kicks for a long time. I always felt like something was wrong with me when I would tell the nurse I wasn't feeling any kicks. I never did feel many really strong kicks and jabs. It was always more subtle rolling around movements.

The Balog Family said...

This post made me laugh so hard! I get it, my friend, and welcome to #2! Just think about those #4's...they have no chance of making any mom's photo album much less a blog!! :) Have ya noticed that most of my blog is STILL on EK! AND...Hannah is the comic of the family and should get more air time than she does! Sheesh!! Congrats to you though. So happy you are having a girl!!!