Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First Day of School

Charlie started back at St. Mary's last week. He is in the 3 to 4 year old classroom four mornings a week. So far he seems to really be enjoying it. There are several little boys in the class that he talks about playing with. And Juliette. We seem to be quite taken with Juliette. 

It took us a few days to get into a routine of Charlie waking up early enough to plod through his breakfast at a painfully slow pace, get dressed while debating the merits and wearability of each item of clothing I attempted to put on him and get out the door in time for school. I think we're almost there.

The first day of school proved difficult to get good pictures. We had awkward hair. We were tired. Then we stumbled into some bad lighting. Ahhh memories. I think in future years maybe I'll just stage the first day of school photos a few days ahead of time. 
Since Brad was still off from work, he was able to go with us for drop off. Very exciting to have Daddy there at preschool. I do believe Charlie had the firefighter costume on within 2 minutes of drop off. See Daddy??? I'm a firefighter!! I've done so many drop offs at this point, I was kind of ready to go at that point, but Brad wanted to stay and watch a while. So we did. 
Charlie has two teachers in this class and they seem very on top of things. This class is a well oiled machine and feels quite a bit more grown up than his 2 year old class last year. It took ME a few days to get with the program. I wasn't here for all the summer communications, so I am Clueless Mom. They don't want the kids to bring backpacks, they want tote bags. So goodbye Peppa Pig backpack. They want them to bring cups...but without lids. And so on. Buy a clue Mom. 
There seems to be a routine forming of the teachers mass emailing the parents with an update each Sunday night. These also include requests for the week, which I semi-affectionately call My Preschool Homework. I had to find photos, an appropriate shoebox and pack some backup snacks this past Sunday. I told Brad I couldn't possibly go to bed until my homework was complete. Clueless Mom must redeem herself! 

The teachers seem to have a lot of neat activities planned for the class, which sound fun. They took them out into the woods surrounding the church yesterday for them to collect things "from nature" and Charlie brought home a big ziploc of goodies - which he gave to his Daddy to keep. They also have a music class, which I was told he very much enjoyed. He sang me some of the songs on the way home. 

We're looking forward to a great school year this year! 

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The Balog Family said...

So fun! Glad he had a great first day and welcome back to all of you!!