Friday, September 7, 2012

Charlie's Cafe

As happy as I am to be home, there are parts of London that tug at me. Friends that I miss and places that I miss going. As preschool gets ready to start here in Richmond, I find myself missing my friends from Charlie's school last year and some of that old routine. Well, not the bus part.

Next to Charlie's (old) nursery in Notting Hill is a cafe called Charlie's. Funny, right? I was really confused the first day of nursery when the headmistress told me to go wait at Charlie's for an hour or so to make sure Charlie settled in ok.

I spent the first few mornings of the term there, drinking coffee and reading a book. And then as I met some of the other moms of children in his class, I began joining them there right after drop off in the mornings.

Some mornings we'd spend just a little while there, enough to get some caffeine before going to work out or run errands. Other mornings, especially when it was pouring rain, we'd sit for hours, talking over lattes and pain au chocolat.

I've only been home a short while, but I already miss those mornings. Most of all I miss those friends.

If you find yourself in Notting Hill, Charlie's Cafe is worth a visit. The food is so fresh, shopped from down the street at the market. And your 7th coffee is always free!

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