Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back in Richmond

Charlie and I have been back in Richmond for about 3 weeks and Brad just got here Sunday night. We were all under the same roof in our own home for the first time since January! It felt awesome. Brad is of course handling the jet lag much better than I did - sleeping in the very first morning instead of wide awake at 5am like me!

I had this great visual of Charlie and I waiting outside the gate area at the airport when Brad came out... But Charlie fell asleep in the late afternoon and we didn't make it in time. He is so hard to wake up when he's fallen asleep. He was dozing off in the car seat on the way to 

Brad brought Charlie back a Play Mobil fire truck from Hamley's, which ended up being the most complicated Play Mobil to put together ever. So much fun to do after traveling for 16 or 17 hours. But Charlie was thrilled and has been playing with it ever since. 

Charlie woke us up Monday morning by telling us that it is morning and Chuck e Cheese is not closed anymore! We've been waiting until Daddy got back to go and Charlie thought that meant on the way home from the airport! We told him it was closed, but hey! Not closed anymore this morning! 

We managed to get him to wait until today and he and Brad went. It was so much fun that someone got very upset when it was time to leave. Brad, on the other hand, couldn't get out of there fast enough. Ironic considering how often he and his brother loved to go as kids!! 

Other than that we've just been trying to get Brad settled here and his car in working order again. We've been taking Charlie to the pool at our new gym and he could swim for hours. I also have him signed up for swimming lessons at Aqua tots. By the end of class he is usually in tears, but he is improving very quickly! I think once he learns the basics he will love his lessons. He starts preschool on Monday. 

I didn't get a chance to blog much because I was so busy - but the first couple weeks home went by very quickly!  Getting the house back in order and going to doctor appointments were the top priorities. I made it through a giant mountain of mail and bills. Organizing cabinets and closets. Piles of laundry. Various dog-related errands. Good times. Charlie also went to day camp at our church one of the weeks. 

We've also gotten Charlie squared away with shoes - finally! I never could find some he both liked and were in his size in London. Ordering shoes online just barely exists there. He threw the biggest fit in Saxon while trying them on, like we were just torturing his little feet. That poor salesgirl. 

I bribed him with some Spiderman sunglasses just to get us out of there with something that fit his feet! Bribing someone to get new shoes - such a foreign concept to me. He is pretty cute in his sunglasses, though. 
We had our first visit at the pediatric dentist, which went so well, I was shocked. Charlie really behaved beautifully. I don't mean to sound so shocked, but he is a 3 year old boy and unpredictable behavior is the norm. After freaking out having to go through the agony of trying on shoes that morning, he calmly sat there and let them clean and floss his teeth. 

He bumped his tooth on something while we were living in London and it turned a little grey. They did x-rays and it's fine - no damage to the permanent tooth. We are just supposed to keep an eye on it and hope he doesn't hit it again. It has gotten less grey since his appointment, which they said might happen. 
To celebrate after the dentist, I took him out for Sweet Frog! Because nothing says Mommy cares about your dental health like a big bowl of post-dentist ice cream. 
Well this post is all over the place and I just can't seem to organize my thoughts! Sorry! I'm going to stop now. Anyways, that's all from here. Oh and working on Charlie's big boy room. But that's another post for another day and hopefully a more coherent set of thoughts!

Here's a parting shot of Charlie with my ipad looking just like his Daddy.

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