Saturday, September 29, 2012

26 Week Doctor Appointment

I had a my 26 week doctor appointment and follow up ultrasound this afternoon. I can't remember from having Charlie - is 26 weeks a normal interval for an appointment? I may have just had it because my schedule is weird moving back from London. Anyways, the ultrasound was to get some photos of her spine, which the ultrasound tech wasn't able to get last time.

Thinking it would be a quick scan (it wasn't) and that Charlie would think it was neat (he didn't), we brought him along with us for the appointment. What a grouch monster! He was seriously such a pill the whole time. I even brought my ipad for him!

I think he was tired because he gave up his binky this week and isn't sleeping as well. At any rate, about 10 minutes into the scan, Brad had to take him outside for a mega meltdown. I was able to walk out of my scan, ask the nurse which way the screaming child went and find them pretty quickly.

The scan went well, though she, like the tech last time, had a hard time getting the spinal shots because of the baby's position in my tummy. But everything looked good, fluid was good, pretty little heart beating and arms waving around. And she was medical professional #3 to say it's a girl! She even sent me home with a "money shot" of the girl parts, which I will spare you. And her.

I also had my glucose test, which I have no idea if I will pass since our playdate this morning started at Krispy Kreme and I have no self control there. We had to go, though - my friend's son had to withstand his 4 year old shots this morning and I ate those donuts FOR HIM.

Then we saw Dr. D, which was fun because she loves to see the babies she's delivered and Charlie, of course, chewed her ear off. Brad is also pretty convinced he's her favorite out of all the husbands and he hadn't seen her in quite a while. So we got all caught up.

We are on her schedule for a December 28 c-section - (Amy I saw your comment last time about the last minute tax deduction and I'm sure you weren't surprised - 2 CPA's having a baby!), unless the baby comes earlier. That is such a strange possibility to me since I couldn't even dilate a single centimeter last time, but hey, I guess anything is possible. All I ask is that she not show up before her Daddy is done with his December trave.

Baby girl seems to really be growing well; both the ultrasound tech and the doctor commented on her size. She already almost 2 pounds! And very long. Charlie was 8 pounds even on his due date and we will have her a week before her due date. So maybe 7.5 pounds? Is my guess? I know it's so hard for them to tell in utero. She probably just had a growth spurt recently - I have been hungry lately!

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