Saturday, September 29, 2012

26 Week Doctor Appointment

I had a my 26 week doctor appointment and follow up ultrasound this afternoon. I can't remember from having Charlie - is 26 weeks a normal interval for an appointment? I may have just had it because my schedule is weird moving back from London. Anyways, the ultrasound was to get some photos of her spine, which the ultrasound tech wasn't able to get last time.

Thinking it would be a quick scan (it wasn't) and that Charlie would think it was neat (he didn't), we brought him along with us for the appointment. What a grouch monster! He was seriously such a pill the whole time. I even brought my ipad for him!

I think he was tired because he gave up his binky this week and isn't sleeping as well. At any rate, about 10 minutes into the scan, Brad had to take him outside for a mega meltdown. I was able to walk out of my scan, ask the nurse which way the screaming child went and find them pretty quickly.

The scan went well, though she, like the tech last time, had a hard time getting the spinal shots because of the baby's position in my tummy. But everything looked good, fluid was good, pretty little heart beating and arms waving around. And she was medical professional #3 to say it's a girl! She even sent me home with a "money shot" of the girl parts, which I will spare you. And her.

I also had my glucose test, which I have no idea if I will pass since our playdate this morning started at Krispy Kreme and I have no self control there. We had to go, though - my friend's son had to withstand his 4 year old shots this morning and I ate those donuts FOR HIM.

Then we saw Dr. D, which was fun because she loves to see the babies she's delivered and Charlie, of course, chewed her ear off. Brad is also pretty convinced he's her favorite out of all the husbands and he hadn't seen her in quite a while. So we got all caught up.

We are on her schedule for a December 28 c-section - (Amy I saw your comment last time about the last minute tax deduction and I'm sure you weren't surprised - 2 CPA's having a baby!), unless the baby comes earlier. That is such a strange possibility to me since I couldn't even dilate a single centimeter last time, but hey, I guess anything is possible. All I ask is that she not show up before her Daddy is done with his December trave.

Baby girl seems to really be growing well; both the ultrasound tech and the doctor commented on her size. She already almost 2 pounds! And very long. Charlie was 8 pounds even on his due date and we will have her a week before her due date. So maybe 7.5 pounds? Is my guess? I know it's so hard for them to tell in utero. She probably just had a growth spurt recently - I have been hungry lately!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Touch a Truck

We took Charlie to the Junior League's Touch a Truck event last weekend. Just like last year, it was a huge hit with Charlie. I think he may have been even more excited than last year because he was a bit older.

Don't even ask me what he's wearing. It was a fairly warm day but with a cool breeze, so I had picked out pants and a t-shirt for him to wear. I was so naive to think I had a vote in his outfit! He found the sweatshirt that he wore last year (now a bit small), the one with the excavator on the front and paired it with some lovely matching shorts and socks with a double decker bus on them. I told him I thought he may be too hot and he made a point of telling me several times during the morning that he was not hot. Mommy, I not hot. 
Last year I took Charlie to the event by myself since Brad had just left for London. This year he was able to come with us! He seemed to have a great time talking at length to both the firemen and the helicopter pilot. In fact, Charlie and I had to move on to another exhibit because Brad spent so much time talking to the pilot. When I went by to tell him we'd be at the Fun Bus, the pilot was just opening up some hatch at the front of the plane to show Brad something. So glad both my kids enjoyed Touch a Truck! 

Charlie and his friend Ben had a great time pretending to be helicopter pilots. This picture kills me because they look so grown up!! Especially compared to last year. Little boys instead of our babies. Sniff. 
I tried to get a few photos with Charlie, but he wouldn't really cooperate. Here's the 24 week bump standing in front of a cement mixer while Charlie pouts about having to take a photos: 
It was neat seeing Charlie get so excited about so many of the trucks and machines. He knew the names of just about everything. I couldn't have picked most of them out of a lineup before I had a son. 
After checking out the non-truck exhibits of bouncy castles and games, it was clear Charlie was fading. While the food options last year left something to be desired, this year there were food trucks everywhere. We promised him an ice cream to get him out of there (Spiderman ice cream, natch) and hightailed it to the car. 

I wish I could have hit up the taco truck or panini truck. My pregnant nose was causing my pregnant stomach to die a little in desire. Richmond is having a food truck "thing" going on lately, but that's fodder for another post. 

Anyways, it was a successful Touch a Truck day! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

10 Years

Ten years ago today, Brad and I got married. It doesn't feel like it could possibly be that long, yet it feels like we have been through so much, all at the same time.

Those people who say that marriage is hard? They are right. It is. Sometimes it is very, very hard. But making it ten years with him is one of the things I am most proud of in my life. It did not come without work and sacrifice on both our parts.

Every year on our anniversary, I wear the same perfume that I wore on our wedding day and on our honeymoon. My mom helped me pick it out a few days before the wedding. It was her (extremely good) idea to wear it each year on our anniversary to remember. Something about the scent sticks with me and brings back a flood of memories for both of us.

In a strange coincidence, the perfume I picked that day was new at the time, and created for Queen Elizabeth to mark her Golden Jubilee in 2002. Isn't that crazy? And then 10 years later we were in London, celebrating her Diamond Jubilee!

If I have learned anything in the past 10 years, it's that you just never know where life is going to lead you. It's certainly been an adventure together so far! And I hope it always will be.

For this momentous occasion, we are going to order Thai food and watch a movie. Actually we are going out to dinner Saturday night - we aren't completely lame! Though being pregnant on any kind of big occasion automatically means you will be somewhat lame. I'm too tired to be exciting!

We are anxiously awaiting our oh-so-practical anniversary gift to each other of deck furniture. Which I believe I have been asking for every year for the past ten! It should be here in a week or two. You should come by for dinner! We'll sit outside! Finally!

I stole this off of Pinterest because I thought it was neat. It's supposed to be a card, but that would require me to be crafty, which I'm not:

10 Years
3,652 Days
87,658 Hours
2 (almost!) Kids
2 Poodles
4 Cities
3 Homes
100's of Fights and Makeups
A handful of times I wanted to give up
The number of anniversaries I hope to celebrate with you: Infinite

Happy Anniversary Brad. I love you. 


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First Day of School

Charlie started back at St. Mary's last week. He is in the 3 to 4 year old classroom four mornings a week. So far he seems to really be enjoying it. There are several little boys in the class that he talks about playing with. And Juliette. We seem to be quite taken with Juliette. 

It took us a few days to get into a routine of Charlie waking up early enough to plod through his breakfast at a painfully slow pace, get dressed while debating the merits and wearability of each item of clothing I attempted to put on him and get out the door in time for school. I think we're almost there.

The first day of school proved difficult to get good pictures. We had awkward hair. We were tired. Then we stumbled into some bad lighting. Ahhh memories. I think in future years maybe I'll just stage the first day of school photos a few days ahead of time. 
Since Brad was still off from work, he was able to go with us for drop off. Very exciting to have Daddy there at preschool. I do believe Charlie had the firefighter costume on within 2 minutes of drop off. See Daddy??? I'm a firefighter!! I've done so many drop offs at this point, I was kind of ready to go at that point, but Brad wanted to stay and watch a while. So we did. 
Charlie has two teachers in this class and they seem very on top of things. This class is a well oiled machine and feels quite a bit more grown up than his 2 year old class last year. It took ME a few days to get with the program. I wasn't here for all the summer communications, so I am Clueless Mom. They don't want the kids to bring backpacks, they want tote bags. So goodbye Peppa Pig backpack. They want them to bring cups...but without lids. And so on. Buy a clue Mom. 
There seems to be a routine forming of the teachers mass emailing the parents with an update each Sunday night. These also include requests for the week, which I semi-affectionately call My Preschool Homework. I had to find photos, an appropriate shoebox and pack some backup snacks this past Sunday. I told Brad I couldn't possibly go to bed until my homework was complete. Clueless Mom must redeem herself! 

The teachers seem to have a lot of neat activities planned for the class, which sound fun. They took them out into the woods surrounding the church yesterday for them to collect things "from nature" and Charlie brought home a big ziploc of goodies - which he gave to his Daddy to keep. They also have a music class, which I was told he very much enjoyed. He sang me some of the songs on the way home. 

We're looking forward to a great school year this year! 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Hole in the Ceiling

On Saturday we did some stuff. Had some lunch. And then this happened:
Can you picture my leg dangling from the ceiling all Christmas Vacation style? Because that's how it happened. Right down into the nursery/Charlie's current room/baby's future room.

This is what I get for being productive. I went up to the attic to go through some old baby clothes. There's a consignment sale coming up, so some are going there. Some are gender neutral and are saved. And the rest I just can't possibly part with yet because I want little bitty baby Charlie back.

So I'm up there, rearranging bins and feeling so gosh darned organized. I took one step back off the plywood into the sea of pink fluffy insulation and bam. Right through the ceiling.

I screamed, of course, worried my entire pregnant body was about to go through to the second floor. I also looked around because I had no idea which bedroom I was over at the time.

I managed, after a couple of false starts that actually made the hole bigger, to get myself up and scream for Brad again. He looked... shocked. Worried. And then, a few minutes later, when it was clear I was fine, like he was suppressing laughter.

After I'd calmed down, he went downstairs to survey the damage. I was still sitting on the floor of the attic and I heard him saying hello! Hello up there, can you see me?

Very funny Brad.

The ribbing has continued. I asked him earlier to grab Charlie's towel for after his bath and he asked me "The one by the big hole in the ceiling?" Yes. That towel.

My hip, ankle and shin were hurting a bit last night, but this morning I was fine.  I hope I'm not here when the handyman comes to take a look. I frankly don't need the judgement!

We had a sitter last night so we could go have dinner with friends and I asked her if the hole bothered Charlie when he went to bed. She said it freaked him out some, but he went to sleep. He was up about 4 times last night for different reasons and each time I thought to myself, this is because of the ceiling!!

Anyways, it now needs to be repaired before baby gets here so she's not inhaling leftover insulation and drywall. I'm assuming that's a parenting DON'T.

Anyways, that was my weekend. What did you do?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Oh Yeah, I'm Pregnant

I already feel kind of bad for this baby. She is getting seriously shorted on blog airtime. With Charlie I posted about every single aspect of my pregnancy. Ad nauseum. This time around is more like a highlight reel.

Several times during this pregnancy, I have actually forgotten I was pregnant. We have had a lot going on lately. And trying to keep up with Charlie can be quite distracting. He's been getting some Dennis the Menace comparisons lately. He's sweet as can be and means well, but is so curious that he is always getting into trouble! I don't know where he gets some of his ideas. It can be a full time job trying to anticipate them.

Anyways, focusing back on this poor baby who gets so little attention - it is just so different from last time when I was so consumed with being pregnant every single day. This time I'm mainly just focused on it when I could really use a nice strong cocktail! Then I think to myself oh yeah. You're pregnant. Put down that tequila.

As if my body has a vested interest in making sure I don't forget I'm pregnant, my back pain from being pregnant with Charlie has flared up nice and early this go round. It's mainly along one rib - the one that popped around 36 weeks with Charlie and earned him the nickname "Baby Cullen" at work.

It hurts so bad! I got a prenatal massage yesterday and the therapist said it felt like it was popped out some. I'm seeing a chiropractor, but I'm not sure what all he can really do about it. My best friend is my heating pad. Overall, I'm feeling like this bod was not made for birthin' babies. Definitely not at 36.

My other near-constant reminder I am pregnant - the heartburn - all gone! Prevacid is a wonder drug. I love it. No longer getting heartburn from a glass of water. Why didn't I take it last time??

So I found out today from my doctor I have an anterior placenta. Why was I at the doctor you ask? Because I hadn't really felt any kicks for about 24 hours and I freaked out. I've tried so hard to be more chill and zen this pregnancy, but there I was, bugging the triage nurse and running in for an unscheduled visit. So much for my experienced mom "I Got This" approach.

Charlie never left me wondering what was going on in there - there was constant movement. My little Karate Kid. This little girl is a bit more calm. And because of the placenta, it's like she's kicking through a pillow (Dr. D's description), so it's much more subtle.  Dr. D suggested I rent a doppler for peace of mind in case it happens again. I told her I thought those were just for paranoid moms. Oh. Yeah. Guilty.

On a more fun topic - we are making nice progress on Charlie's big boy room. As soon as I can get him moved over to it, I can get started on the nursery. I need to figure out what outstanding baby items we need for her and start looking for those as well. Some things we borrowed the first go round so there will still be fun things to shop for and pick out!

Between that and a busy fall of activities and Christmas shopping, I think I just need to embrace the fact that I will feel under-prepared by the time she arrives. That's kind of been my way of life since having a child, though!

So that's kind of an update here at the 24 week mark. 16 weeks to go, which is unbelievable. It's kind of flying by.

Dr. D asked me today what fruit or vegetable equivalent the baby currently was (I always knew with Charlie).... and I had no idea. Sad. Don't worry little girl, Ringo can relate when you get here. We have about 300 pictures of Zoe as a puppy and about 5 of him. You guys can be kindred spirits.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Charlie's Cafe

As happy as I am to be home, there are parts of London that tug at me. Friends that I miss and places that I miss going. As preschool gets ready to start here in Richmond, I find myself missing my friends from Charlie's school last year and some of that old routine. Well, not the bus part.

Next to Charlie's (old) nursery in Notting Hill is a cafe called Charlie's. Funny, right? I was really confused the first day of nursery when the headmistress told me to go wait at Charlie's for an hour or so to make sure Charlie settled in ok.

I spent the first few mornings of the term there, drinking coffee and reading a book. And then as I met some of the other moms of children in his class, I began joining them there right after drop off in the mornings.

Some mornings we'd spend just a little while there, enough to get some caffeine before going to work out or run errands. Other mornings, especially when it was pouring rain, we'd sit for hours, talking over lattes and pain au chocolat.

I've only been home a short while, but I already miss those mornings. Most of all I miss those friends.

If you find yourself in Notting Hill, Charlie's Cafe is worth a visit. The food is so fresh, shopped from down the street at the market. And your 7th coffee is always free!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back in Richmond

Charlie and I have been back in Richmond for about 3 weeks and Brad just got here Sunday night. We were all under the same roof in our own home for the first time since January! It felt awesome. Brad is of course handling the jet lag much better than I did - sleeping in the very first morning instead of wide awake at 5am like me!

I had this great visual of Charlie and I waiting outside the gate area at the airport when Brad came out... But Charlie fell asleep in the late afternoon and we didn't make it in time. He is so hard to wake up when he's fallen asleep. He was dozing off in the car seat on the way to 

Brad brought Charlie back a Play Mobil fire truck from Hamley's, which ended up being the most complicated Play Mobil to put together ever. So much fun to do after traveling for 16 or 17 hours. But Charlie was thrilled and has been playing with it ever since. 

Charlie woke us up Monday morning by telling us that it is morning and Chuck e Cheese is not closed anymore! We've been waiting until Daddy got back to go and Charlie thought that meant on the way home from the airport! We told him it was closed, but hey! Not closed anymore this morning! 

We managed to get him to wait until today and he and Brad went. It was so much fun that someone got very upset when it was time to leave. Brad, on the other hand, couldn't get out of there fast enough. Ironic considering how often he and his brother loved to go as kids!! 

Other than that we've just been trying to get Brad settled here and his car in working order again. We've been taking Charlie to the pool at our new gym and he could swim for hours. I also have him signed up for swimming lessons at Aqua tots. By the end of class he is usually in tears, but he is improving very quickly! I think once he learns the basics he will love his lessons. He starts preschool on Monday. 

I didn't get a chance to blog much because I was so busy - but the first couple weeks home went by very quickly!  Getting the house back in order and going to doctor appointments were the top priorities. I made it through a giant mountain of mail and bills. Organizing cabinets and closets. Piles of laundry. Various dog-related errands. Good times. Charlie also went to day camp at our church one of the weeks. 

We've also gotten Charlie squared away with shoes - finally! I never could find some he both liked and were in his size in London. Ordering shoes online just barely exists there. He threw the biggest fit in Saxon while trying them on, like we were just torturing his little feet. That poor salesgirl. 

I bribed him with some Spiderman sunglasses just to get us out of there with something that fit his feet! Bribing someone to get new shoes - such a foreign concept to me. He is pretty cute in his sunglasses, though. 
We had our first visit at the pediatric dentist, which went so well, I was shocked. Charlie really behaved beautifully. I don't mean to sound so shocked, but he is a 3 year old boy and unpredictable behavior is the norm. After freaking out having to go through the agony of trying on shoes that morning, he calmly sat there and let them clean and floss his teeth. 

He bumped his tooth on something while we were living in London and it turned a little grey. They did x-rays and it's fine - no damage to the permanent tooth. We are just supposed to keep an eye on it and hope he doesn't hit it again. It has gotten less grey since his appointment, which they said might happen. 
To celebrate after the dentist, I took him out for Sweet Frog! Because nothing says Mommy cares about your dental health like a big bowl of post-dentist ice cream. 
Well this post is all over the place and I just can't seem to organize my thoughts! Sorry! I'm going to stop now. Anyways, that's all from here. Oh and working on Charlie's big boy room. But that's another post for another day and hopefully a more coherent set of thoughts!

Here's a parting shot of Charlie with my ipad looking just like his Daddy.