Monday, August 13, 2012


Charlie and I are getting ready to pack up and head back to the states.... and I am full of mixed emotions. Brad is staying until the end of the month to finish his project, but I am going to get Charlie home and over jet lag and settled before Brad arrives. He is going to take a couple of weeks off of work when he returns and I didn't want them to be spent up at 4am each morning like we did in January. Three year olds can take quite a while to get over jet lag!

Fortunately on this end of the move, we have packers and shippers to send our stuff to us. Amazing what you accumulate in 10 months. They are coming to pack up right before Brad heads home. I am just taking a couple of suitcases with what we need for the next 8 weeks or so until our overseas shipment arrives.

The hardest part of leaving is saying good bye to friends. I'm amazed what great friends we have made in the short time we have been here. I didn't expect to be sad to leave. But I am - especially for the friends I'm not sure when I'll see again.

Moving for such a short time period is tough because we have spent the entire time with one foot in Virginia and one foot here. Never really living in either and never really feeling settled. That has probably been the hardest part of this experience. 

I'm not sure Charlie realizes that flying home means not seeing our friends here anymore. Sometimes he talks about them like they are coming along for the ride! It will be interesting to see what he has to say when we get back. I hope the adjustment isn't too tough for him. He's also gotten so used to seeing Daddy almost every day that I think 2 1/2 weeks without him is going to be tough. He is definitely a daddy's boy these days. I'm going to plan some fun things for when Brad gets back in town.

There are so many things I am looking forward to getting back to. Friends, family and of course, our puppies. It's been many months since I've had a good puppy snuggle. We just have many happy reunions coming up! Even just being in the same time zone or one over will be nice - it is hard to set up phone calls and keep in touch over here with the time difference.

I can't wait to get settled back in our house, which I love to decorate and make cozy. My mom speculated that part of the reason I never got comfortable in the flat is because I can't fiddle with it at all! But now I have a big boy bedroom and a nursery to decorate... and I love decorating for fall and the holidays. Fall in Virginia is so beautiful. I can't wait.

And then there are silly things, which shouldn't matter (or not matter as much), but they do. Driving my car and the ease of getting places. Big grocery stores... and Target! I can finally get Charlie some stinkin' shoes that fit after having no luck here for weeks.

Well I'd better sign off. The next few days are going to be busy! Catch you on the flip side!


Lindsay said...

Good luck and welcome back!

Karen said...

We can't wait to see you guys! Welcome Home!