Sunday, August 19, 2012

Jet. Lag.

Ohhhh my gosh, this has been a tiring week. Charlie and I arrived in Richmond late on Wednesday night, after our connection in Chicago was cancelled. I thought we were going to have to spend the night there, but fortunately they squeezed us in the last flight out that night. My comfy bed was such a welcome sight after being awake for over 24 hours.

Leaving London was kind of surreal. It was hard saying bye to Brad since we won't see him for a few weeks (though I flipped the bird and said good riddance to that broken down flat) and as we drove away in the taxi, I couldn't believe I wouldn't see all of it for a long time. It was more emotional than I was expecting.

Charlie did so well on the flights, I really could not have asked for more. I'm not sure why, but it was a much easier flight than flying to the states in January. He wasn't as restless and even napped for a few hours. I watched Bel Ami, a documentary on Woody Allen and read my Kindle (A Game of Thrones).

O'hare Airport has a kids' area that is an offshoot of the Children's Museum of Chicago. It's called Kid's Take Off and it saved my life. Charlie played in there for hours. Like, lots of hours, because we ended up being at O'hare for almost 9 hours.

We both slept on the flight to Richmond. Charlie was worn out after all that playing. Fortunately, my MIL and SIL came from Williamsburg to pick us up and help me get us settled. It was so nice; they even brought food! When you are exhausted after a very long day of travel, the last thing you want to do is get up and go to the grocery store first thing. And you know what they say about grocery shopping while hungry....

The past few nights have been short for us. I've been pushing us to stay up until normal times, but neither of us can sleep until normal times. The other morning Charlie came in my room at 6:30 (I had already been awake for an hour) and sounded so perplexed when he told me he couldn't sleep anymore! It was the opposite of the day we left for Heathrow, when he told Brad he would go get on the airplane after he finished sleeping.

I think each day will just get a little bit better. I am so tired after lunch each day it hurts. Reminds me of my first trimester.

I have been getting a lot done around the house. Bills paid, things cleaned and organized, appointments made, clothes unpacked. I even got my box of maternity stuff down from the attic, though most of it is fall/winter. So I could really stand for cooler weather to arrive on time this year! You know, just from needing something to wear that fits.

This week we have many doctor/dentist/dog/other appointments. I'm working on Charlie's big boy room, across the hall from the nursery. He is VERY excited about it. Hoping to snap out of my daze (London fog? hardy har) so I can make rational home decor decisions.

Next week Charlie is going to day camp in the morning at his preschool, which is at our church. I'm hoping to get back on the exercise wagon at that point.

I will also have my 20 week ultrasound next week and finally see my Richmond OB to get established with her. I wish Brad could be here for it, but they were anxious to get me in ASAP and he doesn't come back until the following weekend. Baby girl has been kicking up a storm; I'm finally feeling them with some consistency.

And finally, the poodles. It has been SO GOOD to see them and snuggle with them. I think they were upset with me that first night, as neither slept in my room with me, but they have both warmed up since then. They were excited to see us, but in the same way they are excited after we leave for a day or two. I guess it is like my Aunt Judy says - What's time to a dog?

Charlie has been so excited to be around them again, but he has grown up so much, it is a really different relationship than it was when we left. He wants to play with them outside, he tattles on them when they don't do what he wants, and seems genuinely worried when he isn't sure where they are.

He is also having to learn that the games he thinks are fun are not necessarily ones that they like. Zoe's gotten fussy with him a couple of times and I can't blame her - he was really being annoying! So we're going to have to work on that.

Well, that's all I can think of right now. I'm going to watch some House Hunters (yay!) and ignore the giant pile of clothes on my bedroom floor that need to be put away. It's good to be home. :)

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