Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cricket @ The Oval

One of Brad's friends at work organizes an annual cricket tournament to memorialize a colleague who passed away a couple of years ago. We attended it on Friday. It was located at a big cricket stadium South of the river called The Oval. The Kia Oval, actually, which sounds like a very tiny car.
Most of the event was a tournament between different adult teams, but they were doing some things for the kids to play, too. Since Charlie is all about any sport that makes him feel grown up, we figured he'd get into it.

I mainly went to spectate, feeling confident that was something I could contribute to the day. However, watching people play cricket is about as fun as watching paint dry. Actually, I have been more excited to see paint dry, depending on the room and how brave my color choice was.

At any rate, I did enjoy watching Charlie try to figure out to play with the little mini cricket set we got him in the gift shop. And I guess it was nice watching Brad kind of stand around on the field, waiting for something to happen.
Brad went out once to bat (is that the right word?) and struck out immediately. His friend standing next to me marveled at his baseball-like stance, which is horrible for cricket. Brad came back to a lot of jeering and he (quite rightly) wanted to know where the other two strikes were!?! One strike and you're out. That's a little harsh, don't you think?

After lunch the kid's coaches at the cricket grounds took all the kids down to this indoor basement field to play some more rapid form of cricket. Charlie, in all of his excitement, kept getting in the way of the pitching (which I think is called bowling) so one of the coaches had him come "help" him.
The coaches were kind enough to let him bat a couple of times and I can report that he did better than Brad! There was contact between the bat and the ball! He came running up to me afterwards, all excited.
Once the kids' session was over, all Charlie wanted to do was be on the edges of the field with whoever he managed to coerce to pitch (bowl?) for him. When Brad wasn't playing, it was him. Charlie clearly inherited the baseball stance from his father: 
By mid-afternoon it was clear Charlie was exhausted. We had to carry him crying out of the stadium. He fell asleep on my lap on the tube ride home, which was amazing since he fights sleep so much and the tube got pretty crowded and loud because of the Olympics! 

He slept right through the walk home and in his stroller for about 2 hours. I mean, tired munch! He is napping today, too. From watching it, cricket doesn't look that tiring, but when you give your all, I guess it is!

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