Friday, August 31, 2012

22 Week Appointment and BUMP

Is it me, or does my belly look square in the photo above?? It may be the dots in the shower curtain. I hope.

I had my appointment with my Richmond OB and anatomy scan yesterday. Feeling very blessed - everything looks really good! It was so reassuring to listen to the ultrasound technician count off all the tiny body parts and take pictures of the little chambers of the heart beating. Also reassuring to hear that the baby is still a girl!

The ultrasound tech was funny - she told me as I was laying down on the table that she DEMANDS cooperation! Very stern. I meekly said ok, I'll cooperate. But she meant the baby. And for the most part, the baby complied. Some of the shots were just beautiful - one shows all her little leg and foot bones.

The only thing the ultrasound technician couldn't get a picture of was the back of the spine, because we couldn't get baby girl to flip over from lying on her back. I think the tech said she was head down and on her back. So I rolled on to one side and then the other, but the baby just rolled with me! I think this was because her daddy couldn't be there for this scan and so now we have to have another one that he can be there for.

I have to admit, I was really nervous for this appointment. I'd just had one at 16 weeks and everything looked great, so I was being a tad irrational (who, me??). But for some reason, the pregnancy didn't feel "real" until I saw my doctor here at home. I was also a little hesitant to believe it was actually a girl. Which is ridiculous! The doctor in London was extremely capable. So... I don't know. I'm weird.  Even weirder when I'm pregnant.

After the anatomy scan, I had my appointment with Dr. D, which was so much fun. Got all caught up, got my information in the system and discussed various fascinating topics, such as heartburn. Weight gain is good - I'm at 12 or 13 pounds-ish. Keep waiting to blow up like the Stay-Puft marshmallow man like I did last time. Now that I'm not walking as much as I did in London, I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

Probably the biggest piece of news is that my due date is now January 4th. If I have another c-section, which I probably will, I'll deliver a week before that. It isn't scheduled yet - I need to see how far in advance they'll book that. Anyways, right after Christmas we are getting an awesome present! And it's going to be a very tame New Year's this year - especially compared to last year in London!

So anyways, that was kind of it! I go back in 4 weeks for another scan and appointment. Since that scan will be short, I think we'll bring Charlie, too. He is always asking to see the baby and seems to comprehend all of it, which is amazing to me. He kisses my belly button and tells me just through there (I guess a tube from my belly button?) is a baby! And when can we see this baby?? I tell him right after Christmas - not a popular answer.

Charlie came in the bathroom to help me take the last couple of photos... that belly looks more round, doesn't it?


aichiba said...

You look great! You'll also get the extra dependency tax deduction for 2012 even though she'll only be days old. Nice job on that timing :)

Soña said...

You look wonderful Kara! So glad you saw your OB and got good photos of Baby Girl Spooner!