Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekends and Weekdays

I know I have no right to complain about this to a bunch of people suffering through an oppressive heat wave-ridden summer..... but it has rained EVERY DAY here since I don't know when. I am so. sick. of the rain. It's not even exciting rain, like a thunderstorm. It just rains. We've been doing our best to press onward, despite the yucky weather, but I would say our summer itch has not been scratched.

Charlie's nursery school wraps up their term on Friday of this week so daytime entertainment is going to be 100% on mommy! Please PLEASE let the weather improve! It is so hard when your two options are:
1) stay inside a small flat where the downstairs neighbor is constantly on your case about noise and we are sick of our small toy collection, or;
2) go out walking in the rain with a preschooler who doesn't LIKE the rain and is quite vocal about that and try to find something to do indoors that isn't insanely crowded.

The moral of this story: We are starting to really look forward to going home!

We've been keeping busy on the weekends with mostly indoor activities. We have a little tradition here of Brad and Charlie going off to do something on Saturday morning together and I get some time on my own. This is nice because Brad and Charlie don't get a lot of time together during the week and I get a chance to go see some London sights I can't really take Charlie to.

Most of the time they go to Starbucks (because Brad is addicted), then to Hyde Park to play with the soccer ball for a while and then get some lunch. When it's raining, this plan gets thrown off and Brad isn't sure what to do with Charlie! This rainy Saturday they attempted to see the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum, but the crowd was so insane they left.

Afterwards they went to Harrods to pick Charlie out some new shoes, but Charlie wouldn't commit. We bought him these Saucony sneakers in January that he refuses to part with. There is no way they can still fit.

All the same, with shiny new shoes on, he still said he wasn't really sure! He says that a lot now - I'm not really sure. Most of the time it's when you really don't care whether he is sure, like when he needs to eat his dinner, take a bath or go to bed! Or just wear some shoes that fit.

Sundays are typically family time and we do something together. Last Sunday we finally made it to the London Transport Museum, which was really neat! I think it was created with 3 year old boys in mind. Charlie ran around the whole time, very excited. He pretended to drive every vehicle he could and wanted to check out every single exhibit. I highly recommend. We may have to go back. The adult tickets are good for a year and kids are free.
This Sunday we took Charlie to see the Lion King! We've talked about going for a while, but it typically sells out and we haven't planned well enough before. We went to the matinee today and I have to say, the show gave me chills like I haven't had since I saw Rent for the first time. It's amazing. They have hired the most talented singers and dancers for that show and the costumes blew me away. Powerful is the only word to describe it. And we're talking about something that is based on a Disney movie people.

Charlie was enraptured for the first half. We had floor seats and he loved the animals coming down the aisle. He also clapped his little hands every time the audience did! He was just starting to get antsy at intermission so we got him a little cup of ice cream and settled in for the second half.

The two second half opening songs were breathtaking, but then the pace slowed considerably. Lots of dialogue and slower songs and I could tell the attention span was waning. I kept hoping the music would pick back up and catch his attention, but it didn't.  He started making too much noise and we had to leave. I think 2+ hours is actually pretty good for a 3 year old boy, though. I'm glad he enjoyed the parts he was there for.

This week we will be wrapping up school and have a big final picnic on Friday. Brad and his dad are heading to the British Open next weekend and he is sooooo excited! A lifetime dream come true.

As for me, I'm going to need to keep this little guy busy and myself distracted.... because next Monday we find out if we're having a boy or a girl! Woohoo!

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