Sunday, July 8, 2012

Olympic Fever

I am still so behind in blogging... mostly because I've been hounding the Olympic ticket web site trying to land tickets for events! I now have carpel tunnel.... and tickets to both tennis and the men's gold medal soccer match!

Earlier this week, someone in the mom's group I'm in here in London posted on the Facebook page that more tickets had been released and she had been able to buy some. I had an account with the web site, but every time I'd visited before, there was really nothing of interest available. Speed Canoe anyone?

This time, there were tickets to a lot of events. And not just the tickets costing 450 quid (about $700 USD). Actual, "affordable" tickets. I tried a few times with no luck and then took Charlie to his soccer class. When we got back I tried again... and almost immediately got the tennis tickets. I was in shock. It's Centre Court at Wimbledon (with a new retractable roof in case it rains - yay!), first round men's and women's singles on July 29.

I kept trying for other tickets that night and the next day.... in addition to a bad blogger I've been a somewhat neglectful mother. Some soccer tickets that hadn't shown up before appeared Friday afternoon and so I put quarterfinal, semifinal and gold medal match tickets in my cart.

I was hoping I'd get one set... but after about 4 hours of almost constant clicking and re-clicking... I got all three! I didn't really want to buy all three sets (they add up quickly) but it was all or nothing. So I went with all, knowing we can find happy homes for the other tickets with friends or Brad's coworkers.  We can also resell them on the site we bought them on. There are heavy fines if you sell to people you don't know. No scalping allowed this Olympics!

Track & field, diving and swimming all went super fast. Shocking. Even the most expensive tickets are gone now. I would have looked at gymnastics if the venue wasn't so far away - North Greenwich. Eek. We will be going to Wimbledon to watch the tennis and Wembley Stadium (about 20 minutes north of our flat) for the soccer.

After watching the Wimbledon finals this weekend, I am really excited about who we may see when we go. There's really no way of knowing until we get there I think. And the soccer match will be cool because it will end with a medal ceremony!

Now the Olympics represent more to me than just horrible traffic and bus driver strikes. The crowds are going to be insane and we'll be pretty much stuck in our general neighborhood the entire two weeks... but now there is something to really look forward to!

Related: I heard Dallas was putting a bid in for the 2020 Olympics, but the Wikipedia page about the games doesn't state any U.S. applicants. Anyone know why?


Kirsti said...

I haven't heard anything about Dallas, but back in 2000, Houston put together a bid for this year's games. The weather was a huge factor, and I imagine it would be the same for Dallas. Texas summers are just too darn hot. I heard that when Atlanta landed the '96 games, they fudged some of their weather stats, and they probably wouldn't have been picked if the truth was out there. Not sure if that's true, but something that has floated around.

Lindsay said...

Dallas applied for the 2012 games, but we didn't make it to the final round of applicants. I think maybe it was LA? Jerry World kind of makes it possible.