Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Cravings Comparison

My cravings this pregnancy feel stronger than they did with Charlie, where I spent the first 5 months just trying to survive morning sickness. While eating Toaster Strudel. On the flip side, I don't have as many food aversions this time. There was so little that sounded appealing while carrying him. So I'll take the cravings over that. 

Lately I've been feeling ok most of the day, though I'm still a little sick in the evenings. I'm not as tired and can make it through most days without a nap now. My eating habits have changed, though. 

For one thing, I can't drink milk without getting really sick to my stomach. I appear to be lactose intolerant while pregnant. Odd, huh? I've switched from lattes to tea. How British of me, eh? I miss milk, though. And bowls of cereal. The soy milk here is nasty so I've just stopped eating cereal. I sometimes stare longingly at the carton in the fridge. 

When I was pregnant with Charlie, no matter how sick I was, I could eat Italian food and it would sit ok. With this baby, it's Mexican food - which isn't even that easy to find here! There are a few places and I've been eating at them frequently! I've even been making some things at home with the few ingredients I can get here in London. Old El Paso has never seen this amount of sales off of me. 

I also want very watery fruits - cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew. I eat them every day. In real life I like watermelon, but could live without the other two. Part of it is that I'm thirsty but I don't want water. I've had a hard time finding drinks without aspartame that aren't too sweet. 

And my usual chocolate-loving self has no use for it now. It's strange. I'm just... not interested! Instead I want very tart things. Lemon sorbet mostly. I would probably not turn down a key lime pie if they had that here. A lemon bar if it was realllllly tart. 

Oh and the gummy bears. I CRAVE gummy bears. I have not been keeping them in the house because the last bag I had was gone in an hour. I feel kind of lightheaded just envisioning them! That's just bad. Really, really bad. 

I keep thinking now that I'm in the second trimester things will go back to normal, but so far they are holding steady. I think this may just be how things are for the duration!


Kirsti said...

I craved Gummy bears, too! Like crazy!! Wal-Mart has these huge bags of them. They were a frequent purchase. I craved sweets most of my pregnancy, which isn't really like me in "real life."

Soña said...

With Andrea I ate lemons with salt daily -- 3 or 4 a day. This time I'm eating a lot of watermelon (mainly to help with the swelling but also because it tastes good) and meat, I love meat. Delicious meat. It's weird how much it all changes. Still waiting for that glimpse of a bump :)