Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bump Pic

A little self portrait with my phone in the mirror. Not a great pic! This is me at almost 15 weeks. I've had a cheeseburger gut since 8 weeks but it's finally starting to pop out a little bit more and look like a proper baby belly. People are noticing more. And by "people" I mean the teachers at Charlie's preschool and random waitresses.  

I'm looking forward to being able to wear actual maternity clothes instead of having to get creative with normal clothes. Such a pain. I have a couple of pairs of maternity jeans from TopShop but they fall down all the time. Not big enough to hold them up yet. 

Charlie has a bad cough so we are home again today. I will not miss the inside of this flat one bit when we go. Ah, and it just started to rain again - awesome!! We are taking Charlie to see The Lion King in the West End on Sunday, so I was going to download the movie for him to watch. The DVD is $8.99 on Amazon but to buy it on iTunes it's $19.99. I mean???

That's all from here!


Soña said...

Yay! So adorable!

Katie Eaton Photography said...

Love the baby bump!!

Megan Willis said...

Yay! Finally a bump pic! You look beautiful KK. So exciting!

Karen said...

You look amazing!!! Love the bump:-)