Monday, July 9, 2012


Brad got me a Kindle for Mother's Day and I have been reading so much more. I always considered myself to be a die hard paper books type individual, but it's just so light and convenient. Since I haul a bag of stuff around all day, everywhere we go, it's nice to have some entertainment that doesn't weigh me down.

This past week I've been tearing through the Divergent Trilogy. Well, the first two books - the third is yet to be released. It's a great summer read; a page turner with interesting characters and is well written. I'm in awe that it's the author's debut novel. Well done Veronica Roth, well done.

For some reason I also got into a parenting book kick. While I've purchased a couple of books before just to check myself and get ideas on age appropriate discipline, the books I've been reading lately are more about parenting approach.

I read Bringing up Bebe, which was a fascinating read. I'm not interested in raising a French child, but they have some really good approaches that are worth reading about. I've downloaded The Three Martini Playdate and Free Range Kids but are not far enough along in either to comment. If you are familiar with any of those books, you can probably see the direction I'm headed. I think it's called Long Range parenting.

Another area I'm interested in reading about is getting kids to eat well. I feel like Charlie's diet is getting worse and worse as he gets older. We started with a universe of food he would eat as a baby and he has slowly worked himself down to a very short list of acceptable foods. Things he used to eat happily, he is now refusing.

While I understand this is common and normal, I'd like to see what I can do about it. And I don't want to just hide good food in what he thinks is his normal food. I want him to actually eat good food! The parenting dream: a child who eats vegetables.

How to achieve it? I'm not sure yet. I've started with French Kids Eat Everything. The French definitely have us beat in children's eating habits, but the book isn't terribly encouraging so far at the halfway point. I need to look into some alternate titles.

If anyone has any suggestions on books in these areas (or just fun summer reads) I'd love to hear!

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Kirsti said...

My husband got me a Nook for Mother's Day and I wasn't sure about it, either, but I love it. I can read 1-handed while holding a baby! Mine is a tablet, so it's dual-purpose. Definitely easier to carry around.