Sunday, July 1, 2012

Baby Person

Hi!! I'm back!! Did ya miss me?? I was thinking, what better way to start blogging again than with a big announcement? We're having a baby! 13 weeks along and due January 7. Everything is going great so far, looking healthy. 12 week nuchal scan was fine. I'm not sure my due date is right, but once they give you one here, they won't change it, no matter how big the baby measures! So we'll just go with earlyish January = new baby Spooner.

I found out about a week after we got home from Portugal. After the gluttony of vacation I kept trying to work out and was so exhausted and just couldn't do anything. I went to pilates one day and was just dying while everyone else was fine... and all I could smell was fish. There's a sushi school across the street from the studio and the door was open.

I mentioned to the teacher after class how much the fish smell bothered me and she gave me this blank look and told me she had no idea what I was talking about. Hmmm. After class I walked into Tesco and the smells there were really strong too. So I bought a test and what do you know! Positive!

Less than two weeks later I was feeling quite bleck. So I took a nice long blog break so I could thoroughly enjoy my morning sickness and exhaustion. I don't remember being so tired with Charlie, but I was also probably more tired because of him. By early afternoon, when we would get home from nursery, I could barely keep my eyes open. Charlie has watched more tv than usual recently.

Fortunately, my parents came to visit right in the middle of all of it and were a huge help with Charlie. They were also a great distraction. Instead of sitting around feeling awful, we were doing things and it kept my mind off of it. Unfortunately, my mom suffered some sympathy morning sickness! I think it just reminded her of what it felt like when she was pregnant with me and my sisters.

I will say that this morning sickness was not as bad as it was with Charlie - and also didn't last as long. With him I was sick until 18 or 19 weeks. This time I started feeling an improvement around 12 weeks and am almost back to normal at 13. What a relief!! I was terrified when I found out that I would be so sick and trying to ride the bus and walk so much and keep up with Charlie... but fortunately it was better.

That's not to say it was fun. There were many mornings I slogged through our commute to nursery in complete misery. And all the smells that come with a big city are not kind to a woman who has morphed into a bloodhound in pregnancy. But who knows, maybe all the walking helped it not be so bad. I probably walk around 4 miles a day on average. This was wiping me out physically for a while, but now I can make it through most days without a nap.

I've found a private doctor here in London for prenatal care until we go back to Richmond in late August. He's fine, but I miss my OB in Richmond, who I looooove. Can't wait to get back to Richmond and tell her the news! Anyways, I'll post something separate about the doctor situation here since it's so different.

We've seen the baby twice on the ultrasound - once just a blob with a heartbeat and then a baby looking thing at 12 weeks that was dancing all around. Reminded me of Charlie quite a bit. After that appointment I became pretty convinced it was another boy! But Charlie thinks it's a girl and has since I first told him we were having a baby. I feel strongly one of us is correct.

Since Charlie calls all of his PlayMobil characters "persons" (well, except for bad guy), we have been calling "it" Baby Person. Charlie's Dede even sent a real Playmobil baby person in an envelope from Virigina. We find out the gender later this month, but something tells me even after that "it" will still be Baby Person!

Charlie seems to be taking the news in stride. He regularly shushes Brad and me and tells us to be quiet, the baby is sleeping! He also gets demanding every now and then that he wants to see the baby NOW. But for the most part he is just very accepting and we occasionally talk about the baby. You know, the being that is going to rock his world come January.

So yeah, that's what's going on with us! I have a lot of updating to do on the blog, along with pictures of my baby gut already sticking out while sightseeing with my parents and going to Paris with Brad! Funny how your tummy just remembers being pregnant. Well. Not funny ha-ha.

Thank you everyone for the sweet comments on Facebook! I read them all to Charlie who couldn't believe a picture of him had all those people talking! Anyways, it meant a lot to all of us.

I have a lot of blogging to catch up on! Better run!


Lindsay said...

Again, congratulations on #2!! They couldn't tell you the sex at the nuchal scan? Sad! Found out both of mine were boys at that appointment.

So is Dallas off the table?

Kirsti said...

So excited for you! My gut instinct was right with our little girl. Can't wait to hear what it is. I wondered if there was a reason for the lack of blogging!

Kara said...

I was hopeful I would find out the sex at my nuchal scan, but I don't think his u/s equipment was advanced enough. The doctor gives me the u/s himself. I have some friends here that found out at 12 weeks with like 80% certainty what the sex was and I got my hopes up! I'll find out at my 16 week appointment. At least I don't have to wait until 20 like last time. :)

Kara said...

Oh and Thank you! And Dallas in the spring now instead of the fall. Just to much to move back and sell a house. We are worn out.

Colleen Krezel said...

YEAYYYYY! I can't wait to see you and hug that little baby belly too :) So much to catch up on. Let me know when you find out the gender!! yeay!! luv you!

Katie Eaton Photography said...

Love the picture!! Sooooo cute!