Sunday, June 3, 2012

Things about London

We're past the halfway mark of our time here in London and are starting to talk more about when we go home. We're still not sure when that will be, so we talk about the maybes, the hows, the what ifs. I'm not sure why, but Charlie has also started talking about going home a lot lately, too.

I'm excited to go back, as there are many things about Richmond that I've really missed. What I hadn't really considered was that we were going to be living here long enough for me to get attached to London.

I didn't expect to love London. In fact, when we went home in January after two very rough months, I could have happily been done with it forever. But after we settled in to actually "live" here, and not just be on an extended business trip with Brad, it kind of got under my skin. I get it now, why people live here for so long and love it.

It strikes me sometimes, how much I've started to take things for granted. I'll walk through the market on Portobello Road or sit on a bus watching the Queen's Guard pass by and just think to myself how neat it is to be here. Exciting things have become normal life. That actually makes me a little nervous. Like maybe I'm in for a a huge shock in a few months.

Charlie is probably too young to remember much from here, but I hope a few things stick with him. His experiences at school, the people he has met, the places we have taken him and what living in a big city is like.... I mean, the child knows how to hail a cab for crying out loud. He stands to the right on the escalator, minds the gap on the tube and cruises through sidewalk traffic on his scooter. And he's 3. He has adapted very well to London.

I wonder if after we go home we'll miss it a ton or we'll relish being home so much it won't matter. Will going back be kind of hard? I can't tell yet.

After all, there are many things that are challenging about being here. Getting places can be such a production and there's the crime and the high cost of living and the schools.... don't even get me started on health care here. Or the weather. I hate the weather. I can't wait to drive my car with the sunroof open in the sunshine.

So we're just going to try and make the most of our remaining time here and see all that we can. Even so, I fully expect to go home and have many things I wanted to see and didn't get to. There is more to do here than you could accomplish in 10 years. I'm going to have to prioritize.

Being here has really changed my perspective as far as looking at any place that I live as a tourist and not just falling into the rut of living, which is very easy to do. I think of all the places in and around Richmond that I've always thought I will check out eventually. I hope I can take that drive to experience things back with me.

Of course, when I tell Brad things like this, he gives me a very tired look. I think he just wants to get the lawn mowed and watch some football!

This post has absolutely no point, just where my head is at on this rainy, cold Jubilee weekend while I listen to the party raging a few flats down. Yeah, maybe I'll be ok when we get back! :)

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