Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Bassoon

Have I ever told you about Charlie's preoccupation with the bassoon?

I have no idea where he picked up on the fact that bassoons exist. One of his Richard Scarry books perhaps. At any rate, it can be kind of funny to hear a 3 year old to talk at length about such an obscure instrument.

He knows about some of the other instruments, especially the trumpet and the violin, but the bassoon is by far his favorite. In his mind, most of the woodwinds are bassoons - including his bright green polka dot recorder.

I have to hide "his bassoon" because the most beautiful music that comes from it is him blowing as hard as he can through it. This gives mommy a headache and "the bassoon" finds itself mysteriously hidden in a closet.

Just when I think he's forgotten about it and our ears are once again safe, Charlie asks me where his bassoon is?? Over and over. And over. It's a tragedy. The recorder-that-is-not-really-a-bassoon is missing. Help Mommy, help!

And when I eventually give in and give it back to him? His response: 


I just..... have no idea. 

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Colleen Krezel said...

i SWEAR you CRACK me up Kara! You really could publish some of this stuff! haha!