Tuesday, May 8, 2012

And We're Back

We got back from our vacation to Portugal on Saturday night and had two days of recovery time before Real Life started again. Monday was a bank holiday here. I have no idea what that means apart from nobody going to work and everybody asking me if I had a nice bank holiday weekend. If the day off was to mark some occasion, I have yet to find anyone who can tell me what that occasion is.

I don't know what it is about vacations that makes them so tiring, but it was really all I could do after we got home to make laundry and perishable food happen. I also zombied out on my computer to edit the 500 or so photos we took. I put an album of 100 or so on Facebook if you're interested.

All in all it was a very good trip and VERY much needed, especially for Brad. I guess for all of us, though, as we have barely seen Brad in 6 or so weeks. He needed a week of relaxation quite badly. I would say we mostly accomplished that.

We spent a few days in Lisbon, which is obviously a big city. We found out the hard way that it is not a particularly child friendly city. I also think big cities with small children without any type of help  are a challenging way to seek relaxation. We saw a lot of neat things and stayed very busy, but it was tiring and kind of hard.

The rest of the trip we went to the beach in Southern Portugal and stayed at a resort. It was amazing. And so easy. It was truly relaxing. I think in the foreseeable future it is probably the type of vacation we need to pursue with lots of activities and restaurant options all on the same property. Big thumbs up.

I have a good friend who always has us do Highs and Lows at dinner each night when we have a girls' weekend. I've been thinking about her lately because she is about to graduate with an interior design degree (now I want one too), so in honor of her, I present the Highs and Lows of our trip:

The Highs -

1. We got to see Portugal, so that was pretty awesome! I have always wanted to go. It's a beautiful country that probably gets tired of being overshadowed by Spain.

2. Brad and I got to have some time on our own or with just each other thanks to a wonderful kid's club at the resort (that Charlie loved) and a sweet babysitter from the golf shop who came by each night after Charlie went to sleep. We had grown-up dinner each night!

3. I got to go to the spa while we were at the beach. Heaven.

3a. Also, as a tie, Portugal has really good wine! And not just port. We had a wine pairing dinner one night at the resort and it was really fun.

3b. Ok, 3 way tie: the pastries. There are everywhere and they are amazing. Bakeries on every corner. I could have eaten them for every meal.

The Lows -

1. Somehow in all the mayhem of getting our luggage out to the street to take the car to the airport and grabbing the strollers, the preschooler and everything else, we managed to leave one duffel bag on the dining room floor and not realize it until we were at Heathrow checking in. It contained all of Charlie's clothes. Yeah.

2. The weather in Portugal was kind of a bummer. It rained in Lisbon a lot and some at the beach. The temperature at the beach was about 10 degrees below average for the time of year. I shivered my way through vacation because I wasn't going to let the forecast tell me how to pack, no sir!

3. My camera met an untimely and premature death while we were touring Castelo St. Jorge in Lisbon. While Canon cameras are awesome, they are no match for a centuries-old cobblestone walkway. And a 3 year old who insists on taking pictures with it.

Anyways, I'll of course be writing more about the trip, but there are the cliff notes!
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