Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What We're Up To

Things have been pretty boring around here since Charlie started preschool again. Brad's been working a ton and it's been raining non. stop. I am so over the rain.

It's also below average temperature-wise most days. How can it be almost May and most days we don't break 55 degrees?? Some mornings I really could wear my down coat, but I don't. Just out of principal. The same goes for turtlenecks. It's cold enough to wear them, but I refuse! My wellies, boots and other coats are doing lots of extra duty this year.

Things are looking up for us, though because Friday we leave for vacation and hopefully some warmer/sunnier weather! We are going to Portugal, where I think it will be warmish (65-70 degree highs). We're spending a few days in Lisbon and then taking a train down to the coast for a few days on the beach.

I've been trying to get us ready to go, which is hard because we have almost no spring or summer clothes with us. We originally thought we were going to go back to the states halfway through our time here, but have decided against it.

We would have had to go back without Brad because of his work schedule and having Charlie adjust to the time change twice in short time period sounded.... not fun. He's also just so settled in his routine and school here and I don't want to throw off his potty training again. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. So we are just going to push through until it's time to go home for good.

Anyways, with no warm weather clothes, I've been shopping, mostly for Charlie and me, but also for Brad. Finding shoes has been tough because most shoe brands don't have half sizes and I am such an 8 1/2. Plus here, you have to buy shoes you can walk miles in and not kill your feet. I finally found some sandals and  sneakers that will get me through.

Overall, I find shopping to be more fun when there's not so much pressure to get it done! I love some of the stuff I found for Charlie, though. All drawstring pants so he can take himself to the potty. :)

Potty training continues to be a two steps forward, one step back type of thing. He finally got his helicopter on Saturday for going poo poo on the potty. And promptly returned to pooping.... not in the potty. We spent the afternoon flying it around the garden until it got caught in a tree. Brad came to the rescue with an American football, which knocked it out of the tree. People here see our football and think it's for rugby!

Brad has been very thoughtful on the weekends and taken Charlie out for several hours in the morning so I can get some time to myself. This weekend they went to Hyde Park and watched the Queen's birthday celebration. Horses, a marching band and canons - Charlie is still talking about it.

Since Brad has typically been leaving before Charlie wakes up and coming home after he's in bed, they both seem to really love their time together. And I can't tell you how awesome it is to drink a cup of coffee and read the paper!

I went out with a couple of girlfriends on Saturday night to dinner and found actual GOOD Mexican food! Finally! We've been on a hunt to find the best and I think this is it. They also had an excellent margarita on the rocks. The restaurant is called Mestizo and I can't wait to go back for huevos rancheros at brunch. I now know where to go to scratch my itch.

After dinner we went to the coolest bar, called the Booking Office Bar. It used to be the booking office at St. Pancras station and has these high ceilings, original brick walls and big windows that look out over the train station. Definitely worth a visit.

Sunday we had a birthday party for one of Charlie's little friends at the The Little Gym. It was at Westfield, which is this ginormous shopping mall about 30 minutes from here. The program was fairly similar to what we'd gone to at The Little Gym in the states. Charlie had a great time.
After the party it was time for more Mexican food! There's a place at the mall which has Mexican street food, so we gave it a try. It was pretty good, not knock your socks off. Charlie inhaled the guacamole and his quesadilla. It really hit the spot. I think I can quit eating Mexican food for a few days.
So that's what's been going on with us. Brad's deadline is this week and we leave Friday night for our two hour flight to Lisbon!

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Megan Willis said...

That all sounds so great! I'm so excited for your Portugal trip. I can't wait to see pics. Give Charlie a smooch from Aunt Meggie, BRUCE & ELVIS! :)

Love y'all!