Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Warwick Castle

Just north of the Cotswolds, near the town where Shakespeare was born, there's a castle. You can visit it, watch some shows, have a hot dog and buy your kids some medieval dress up costumes. It's kind of like a theme park without roller coasters. It's called Warwick Castle! 

I poke fun, but it really was a good time and definitely worth a visit, especially with kids. Inside the castle they have some neat exhibits and artwork. Not that anyone who visits a palace with a 3 year old boy gets to stop and read about the art! There are far too many appealing options for said 3 year old. Like hot dogs. 

Behold, I give you Trouble:
In true England style, it was rainy and grey when we went to visit, but you can't really let that stop you around here. In Texas we would call it a bad hair day. Here it's just what your hair looks like. My mother is going to have a hard time with that when she visits in June.
At any rate, when we entered the pre-paid ticket gate, we heard the most awful cries and shrieks. Like an animal was in the most horrible pain. Not to fear, though. It was only the peacocks. Who knew they made such awful sounds?
The castle itself is beautiful, set up on a hill, overlooking a river. You can tour the castle and the princess's tower, along with some extra exhibits we skipped because they looked a bit silly. One was the dungeon with some sort of torture theme and the other had to do with Merlin.
There are shows going on all day. Things like battle reenactments and birds of prey. If you know Brad, you know he is fascinated with birds of prey. You can go see the birds in the barn where they are kept during the day, but for some reason, we were the only people looking at them. Just us and some big, mean birds.

The bald eagle was of course, stunning and majestic. And had a lovely view.
There was also a vulture named Ringo. We got a kick out of that.
While Brad was watching one of the shows that Charlie's patience had faded on, I took him to get his face painted. After much deliberation, he chose the dragon. Kind of a relief, because I could totally seeing him asking for the princess crown because it sparkles and is neat and us not being able to talk him out of it. Three year olds do not care about your gender stereotype hangups people.

Dragons are loud and exciting, though, so he chose that and then proceeded to make this face the entire time she was painting:
After that was all the fun of trying to get him to pose for a photo with his face painted. I'm not sure why he looks like he is in physical pain when asked to smile for the camera, but this was the best we got:
We climbed the ramparts and watched a neat archery show and checked out some other things before deciding we were all castled out. Charlie loved it and didn't want to leave.

If he was a few years older he could have done the Knight School and some of the other interactive things. Not sure I'm wild about handing him a bow and arrow at this time, though. Instead we handed him a hot dog to distract him and hightailed it to the car. :)


Lindsay said...

Ha - do you really not remember those awful peacocks from our trip to Cancun?

Kara said...

Haha, I actually talked about that trip because I remembered the peacocks, but not how awful they sounded! There were about 10 of them at the castle. So. LOUD. :)