Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Potty Training. Sigh.

Disclaimer: this entry has a lot to do with poo poo. 

I could really use some help here from you moms of boys out there. I feel like I must be doing something wrong. I thought we were just trucking right along with the potty training, making progress, getting used to things... and then he went back to school this week and it's been kind of a mess. In the underwear, if you catch my drift. That the teachers are now cleaning up. 

We have been using the potty the past few months in conjunction with pull ups. It went well. I didn't push him because we were going back and forth to London and it was a lot of change with new places to live, new school, etc. 

Then Easter break came and we focused on potty training for two weeks and moved to underwear. When he went back to school, we were 100% on the wee wee, no accidents there, waking up in the morning and after naps dry (in a pull up). It was a different story with #2 - no progress there. I thought he was just having a hard time recognizing the feeling of having to go ahead of time. Now I think he finds it scary or just doesn't want to do it. 

Having accidents doesn't really phase him. It's not the deterrent I wish it was. He'll come and tell me like Hey! this interesting thing just happened. At school he won't even tell anyone, he'll just walk around in it until they notice the smell. He has also had wee wee accidents at school too. So that's a setback.

I thought I had the perfect bribe to get him to go #2 in the loo (that rhymes!) - this remote control helicopter he was dying for after we went Harrods. I bought it, he knows it's here and that he can't open it until he goes poo in the toilet... and he no longer seems to care. If helicopters aren't going to help me, where can I turn???

On top of it, he is starting to dig in his heels in about EVER getting on the potty and adamantly telling anyone who asks NO. No bribe is helping here - chocolate, stickers, reward chart. He doesn't care. NO. I've kind of quit asking at home and started telling. 

And finally, my last major problem: Charlie doesn't want to use any potty except the potty at home.  One of my friends lent us this portable potty seat with bags attached that you can set up anywhere on the ground, so that's what I've taken for him to use at school. He'll go on that, but still had 2 accidents in 3 hours this morning. I'm doing laundry every day. Obviously.

So there you have it. Books, techniques, suggestions - if anyone could weigh in, I'd appreciate it. I'm frankly a tad jealous of you moms with girls who seem to have such an easier time with this and would love to hear a horror story or two out of you as well. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to use the ladies room. What, TMI?

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