Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Sunday

Sadly, the above two pictures are the best ones I could get of Charlie in front of the church on Easter Sunday. He refuses to pose for pictures these days. Ahhh, our Easter memories, immortalized forever in a series of bad photos! 

The hotel we stayed at had breakfast for the guests each morning, so that is where Charlie opened his Easter basket. I didn't want to take photos in our room, it was just too dark. So I sent Brad and Charlie down to start eating and assembled the basket and surprised him at the table! Of course, the next day at breakfast he asked where THAT day's gifts were. 

An Easter basket with little gifts is not very traditional here in England. I didn't realize this until talking to someone today. That explained some of the strange comments and looks we got when he was opening it. It also explains why I had such a hard time finding him a basket. I ended up getting one at this hardware store on Portobello Road. I might use it for napkins now! 

Easter egg hunts are a more common, but are done differently. Most times, it's an Easter Trail full of clues that you follow and at the end you get a giant chocolate egg. Alternately, smaller foil-wrapped chocolate eggs are hidden. Those plastic eggs we use in the states are almost impossible to find. Nobody dyes hard boiled eggs either. There's no egg dye here and even if you brought it over, all the eggs are brown. You can't really get white eggs. 

I tell you all of this for no reason, since it was pouring rain most of the day and we didn't have an Easter Egg hunt! Charlie didn't seem to miss it. The couple of times we've been somewhere with a pre-Easter hunt, he just wants to stop and eat the chocolate!

Anyways, I just got some little things for Charlie's basket. Some candy, a couple of new persons, a book, things like that. Charlie's Didi sent a card and some little gifts. 
The most popular thing he opened was the chef's hat and apron I, ahem, the Easter Bunny, got him. He has been fascinated with cooking lately and they told me at his nursery that he dresses up as a chef and "works" in the kitchen almost every day. So now he has an outfit for home, too. The hotel staff thought it was hilarious and a few of the cooks came out to see Charlie in his outfit. 
After breakfast, we had some time to kill and it was only drizzling, so we walked around Chipping Campden and checked out an old garden and the cemetery at the church we were going to attend, St. James. The cemetery was fascinating. We saw some tombstones from the 1600's, but there were many that were older that we were not able to read. Just covered in moss and worn away.
At one point, one of the ushers came out of the church and pointed out a couple of graves for two brothers who invented boat engines! Now we are all that much closer to winning Jeopardy. 
The inside of the church was beautiful. I didn't feel right taking pictures of it. We made it through about an hour of the service before Charlie was getting impatient and loud. The service was really running very long, I bet it went on for another hour. So at that point, we exited stage left and went back to the hotel. 

After a rest at the hotel and a change of clothes, we drove to another village, Stow, and had an awesome lunch at the Old Butcher Shop. Deeeelish.  Charlie was perplexed as to what to order, though. 
We all needed a nap after that meal. Plus it was raining. I wanted to go to this Cotswold Farm park where you can see lots of animals, but laziness won out. I took Charlie to the park again until it was time for dinner.

We went to an inn up in the hills for dinner that had the most amazing view. There were lots of hikers there enjoying dinner after a long walk. It was nice way to end our trip. 

Some other photos from our walking/goofing around:

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