Thursday, March 1, 2012

Five Minute Recap

So we made it to London, obviously. We got internet a few days later and my laptop stopped working. Then I got sick, because, you know, naturally. But now everything is fixed and working (including me), so I can finally get all up to date on the blog!

To catch both of you up to speed:

The flight from Dallas was wonderful, Charlie did so well again. He played with some toys, watched some DVDs and had some pasta before telling me he wanted to go to sleep. Brad got us upgraded, so I was able to lay his seat flat and he slept until I woke him up about 20 minutes before landing. I only wish I had slept so well, but I got to watch Crazy, Stupid Love and Ryan Gosling definitely made up for it. 

Tuesday is a great day to fly into Heathrow. No line at all at customs and our bags were already off belt by the time we got to baggage claim and hired a porter. Found the driver and we were at the flat in no time. Felt very fortunate. 

Charlie has started preschool and seems to love it so far! I stayed with him in the classroom most of the first couple of days, but he acclimated very quickly.  Now he is in the door, saying hi to everyone and playing within 3 minutes of drop off. The teachers have been wonderful and very welcoming to both of us. 

The routine has really agreed with Charlie and he seems MUCH happier here this go-round. I packed the crib tent and Charlie is sleeping in a crib here. Key words: Charlie is sleeping. A huge change from last time we were here - he is sleeping beautifully. Still napping some days, but I can tell it's about time to drop the nap. When he has one he can't fall asleep until late at night. 

We are mostly settled in the new flat. One more IKEA trip next week and I think we'll have everything we need. The windows are huge and let in so much light. It is also so much quieter than our last place since it looks out over a garden instead of a street and a primary school! Overall it feels a lot more comfortable and we're enjoying it. 

Brad is still working a lot, but they had a big deadline pass Monday and we're hopeful he can come home at a decent hour from here on out. He has gotten home around 7:30 or 8 the past couple of nights and it's been nice. I have my fingers crossed his stress level won't be as high as it has been so far on this project. 

As for me, well, I joined a gym. For the first time since I had a baby, I have actual time to work out. I went for the first time yesterday and by the evening I could barely keep my eyes open. On top of all the walking and stroller pushing I'm doing, it completely wore me out. Aaaaand that's how out of shape I am. 

Also, I'm halfway through the 2nd season of Downton Abbey (OBSESSED), almost done with season 1 of Modern Family and a third of the way through The Girl Who Played with Fire. I'm trying to get through it but, ugh, depressing. I finished Everything You Need to Know to Survive the Apocalypse and I HIGHLY recommend. 

So there you go, all up to date! 


Soña said...

So glad to hear preschool and the crib tent are agreeing with you. It was so great to see you in Dallas too! Can't wait until you start posting fun photos of London :) hint hint

suzie said...

YAY! sounds like everything is working out. so glad! sorry i didnt get to make it to dinner when you were here! hopefully i can catch you next time.