Saturday, March 31, 2012

Charlie's Three Year Doctor Appointment

I took Charlie to his 3 year check up in January and then forgot to post about it. In full disclosure, one of the main reasons I document his height and weight on here is to go back and reference when I'm shopping online for him and I'm not sure what size to get. That's a good reason, right?

So there was I was, this morning, looking for pants that don't have buttons that he can wear to school while potty training and had to dig through my email box for a message to Brad about the appointment. All that extra work, just to order pants! 

Anyways, I had to squeeze the appointment in during the few weeks we were back from London and we didn't even see our regular doctor for the visit. It might have been the shortest appointment he's ever had. No shots needed - yay! 

We mainly talked about how we'd be out of the country for a while and the pediatrician just told me to take Charlie to the dentist whenever we get back. He doesn't need another check up until he's 4. That almost made me weepy - he's such a big boy he only needs to go once a year! And there was mention of him eventually turning 4! Waaah! My baby! 

Here are the stats - 

Height: 37 inches (50 to 75th percentile)
Weight: 31 pounds (25 to 50th percentile)

The appointment was a month before his birthday, but those are the same percentiles he's been in since birth. Charlie is nothing if not consistent. :)

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Tracy said...

I'm sure you've gotten what you need, but we like the pull-on jeans from Gymboree with a knit waistband. I think Boden usually has some good knit waist pants too. We have the pull-on shorts and pants, but Owen is still 100% in diapers. He's been very resistant! Good luck with the potty training. :)